holy Spider-Man's toothbrush!

happy birthday to one of my favourite people in the world!

R E B E K A A A A H :) <3

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i was going to do this last night, but i fell asleep..  but whatever, im doing it meow :)

happy birthday Rebekah,  you’re super old now& i should buy you a cane and a moomoo to go with you’re age..  juuust kidding :) 

we’ve been friends since grade 9,  and out friendship only has gotten stronger..  
i love how after a little bit of time, i brought out your true nerdy self and we talked about comic books, lotr, and starwars everyday ever since that math class.. 
cause we’re that cool… 

i miss you x1809134052345..  summer sucks cause we don’t live in the same town.. which blows, cause i adore chillin’ with you…  & i think we (and whoever else) should go buy a bucket of ice-cream first day of school :) just cause it would kind of be tradition.. 

but i hope you have a suuuper awesome birthday, and have a great time camping!   party hard! :)

this is her tumblr   ->

check it out :)