Ancient Irish were first to record an eclipse – 5,355 years ago

Our ancient Irish ancestors carved images of an ancient eclipse into giant stones over 5,000 years ago, on November 30, 3340 BC to be exact. This is the oldest known recorded solar eclipse in history.

The illustrations are found on the Stone Age “Cairn L,” on Carbane West, at Loughcrew, outside Kells, in County Meath. The landscape of rolling hills is littered with Neolithic monuments. Some say that originally there were at least 40 to 50 monuments, but others say the figure was more like 100.

“Cairn L” received a mention in Astronomy Ireland’s article: “Irish Recorded Oldest Known Eclipse 5355 Years Ago.” They write that the Irish Neolithic astronomer priests recorded the events on three stones relating to the eclipse, as seen from that location. Read more.

New XKit

In case you were unaware, The XKit Guy left Tumblr and that’s why the extension that has made tumbr more accessible to many of us has gone un-updated. 

In his absence, a new fork of XKit has popped up ( Chrome || Firefox || their blog )

What does this mean? It’s a new version of XKit, using the same base code as the original XKit (meaning all of your favorite extensions are still there and are actually being updated (I believe XCloud is the only one that’s going un-updated because of the amount of work that it’ll take to replicate the XCloud server.).

I’ve made the switch to New XKit on my blogs and so far I’ve not had any problems. They’ve updated any glitches and have also made several tweaks to address recent tumblr tweaks (like the randomly bolded url and the reblogging issue). In other words, this is an actively updating version of XKit. 

They encourage questions, comments, concerns, additional help with the coding as well as submissions of what your problems are so they can accurately adjust the code of the extensions to ensure they work properly. 

If you’ve enjoyed having XKit, give this new fork a chance (and maybe pop over to new-xkit-extension and tell the amazing people who’ve taken up the challenge of making up for the shortcomings of tumblr that they’re doing a great job).