Lemurs attempt to mimic the flirty behaviors they see humans participating in when trying to attract a mate. However these moves (such as winking, hair flips, etc.) were not made for lemurs and so they often fail in their attempts. 

Quédate con el que se haga bolita contigo en el sillón mirando una película, que se quede despierto hasta tarde hablando sobre todo y nada, que juegue a las escondidas contigo en su propia casa, que te rete, que puedas retarlo, que te hable de sus sueños, que cumplan sus sueños juntos, pelear, de esas peleas que duran 10 minutos y terminan en risas, alguien con quien puedas luchar, jugar bruscamente y no preocuparte si te rompes una uña o un brazo, que te lleve flores de vez en cuando, una carta o simplemente te llame para decirte lo fea que eres pero que le encantas. Alguien que te ame, que pueda vivir sin ti pero que no quiera y que sienta que eres lo mejor que le ha pasado en la vida.
—  Geradline.

Red pandas have constantly begged their communities to create a natural form of hammock for those that like to sleep up in trees. They are tired of having to curl up on little branches and pray that they don’t fall off in their slumber. So far, red panda officials have not come up with a viable solution to this issue.

Sometimes you can’t figure out the truth because you’re asking people that are emotionally or socially invested in you to be brutally honest. Often family or friends will tell you what you want to hear, or what they want to believe because of their emotional investment in the situation. Instead of circling the drain with biased speculation, go out and get twenty unbiased people that have nothing to lose if they speak their mind and then ask them what they think. After you do that, stop asking for people’s perspectives. Accept their answer because you’re not going to ever know the real truth when the person you love lies to you. Sometimes, you only have the truth of commonsense when the unbiased majority has offered you their opinion. When we care about people, we will believe the most far-fetched fantasies to help us deal with our actions, their actions and the conversations we missed out on. Our intuition then becomes compromised. You should never put your life on hold, in order to decide what the truth is. The memory of truth no longer remains pure in the mind of a liar.


I need to know: how exactly was Slick planning on killing LE like I’ve been thinking about this for the last two days like you can’t stab thru those muscles man yoU CAN’T STAB ROCKS, SLICK