Golden retrievers often serve as guides for mountain climbers and hikers. They are quick to learn trails and able to lead humans to safety. However, this breed is very afraid of heights and thus must be carried in a backpack in order to avoid panic. 

Like humans, cats have intense sibling rivalries. This often results in sneak attacks, minor violence, and lots of crying to their parents. 


Beautiful necklace, incredible cristal eye …

I WANT IT !!!!!

Owls are incredibly talented at the “butterfly” swimming stroke. They only practice occasionally, but in competition these birds far outrace their opponents. 

You inspire my inner serial killer.

This, once again, is an example of animal worship of space heaters. Like the lemur, cats pose similarly to a human completely bowed over in prayer, although sometimes they choose to lay on their backs. This happens during the evening hours where the cat’s solar panels are not functioning. 

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