A New Beacon of Hope

((Once again, Ymir would be so proud of her bae.))

With all the things that had happened, it almost seems like a dream to see Historia at her coronation with every citizen celebrating in genuine exaltation at her rise to the throne after the defeat of the second Colossal Titan.

Little do they know that a good percentage of this historic event was a bit fabricated as everyone had to basically fly by the seat of their pants in this mission while hanging on a hope and a prayer that they were making the right choice with every haphazard turn.

Thankfully Historia had done an incredible job in improvising this from the moment she’d rebelled against their orders to hide with everyone in the underground, and is able to impress Irwin even more as she had suggested to him earlier they should make it look like this was all her plan since it would work in their favor to win the trust of the people within the wall and help calm the tension that had been rising lately due to the many losses and overthrow of a corrupted government. 

Seeing her with such a strong and valiant presence he definitely feels that she has far exceeded his expectations as a new beacon of hope for the people.

And while she seems to be taking the credit for a success that was achieved through more than one person, the salute that she gives after being crowned is a significant display to the citizens of who the heroes of this story are that deserve their thanks and gratitude.

((God love this girl.))