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I’m so sorry but I promise I didn’t forget about writing for the rest of the D-Agency boys! It’s been getting busy with school starting up but trust me I am still very much in Joker Game hell Wonderland~  So without further ado here is another scene, sleepy version!

A short tug at the lamp chain and darkness enveloped the room. You had read far enough into your novel to start feeling drowsy and the noise of the city below was finally beginning to retreat into a subdued mumble. Glancing at both sides of your room to make sure the windows were all shut, you gave a satisfied nod -interrupted by a mewl of a yawn- and settled yourself under the covers.

It was a typical Friday, which meant that it was only in the late twilight hours when it truly started to feel like night. The perks of living near the red light district. A small sacrifice if it meant living in the heart of the city. On a different day you might have been out dancing with the rest of the crowd. But not tonight. Without any sightings of him the past few weeks, there wasn’t anyone to dress up for. A quiet night in had become a good distraction and the muffled breezes were becoming the only sound outside, the perfect cue for sleep.

Drifting consciousness and slow breaths were beginning to match the lulls of the wind when-

A loud thump. Something fell?

The bus boy taking out the trash next door. Normal.

The beams of the fire escape landing creaking, under the weight of movement.

A cat. Doubtful. It sounded too large to be a stray feline but you were eager to find a reason to dismiss the noise.

A metallic rattle. Startled. The sound was much too close for comfort.

Your panic grew as the noise got louder and the fear froze you to the bed. You didn’t dare turn your head.


The window opened. The blanketed sound of the wind suddenly came to life, filling the spaces of your room.

A sigh of relief. Slightly. The rush of blood was still pounding through you loud and clear.

There was only one person who knew that the latch to your window switched up instead of the typical down, and that to unlock it, the latch needed to be held at the odd position of 35°. An architectural mishap that you were now grateful for.

Unsure whether to feign sleep or to welcome the intruder, you held your breath as you listened. The sound of a jacket shrugged off onto the chair, the quiet slip of a tie becoming undone, the shuffle of slipping out of leather shoes…

Still, a doubting curiosity nagged at your brain to make sure it was him. He was the only man you ever invited over but you hadn’t seen him for weeks, almost months. The two of you never exchanged letters and neither knew each other’s numbers.

The mattress groaned under the weight of another body and a lift of the blanket exposed your backside to the chilling air. Immediately though, a warmth replaced where your sheets had been and an arm wrapped around to rest on your waist. His cotton shirt was rolled at the sleeves and probably needed a good ironing.

You tried to turn around to face him but a weary sigh breathed against your hair as he nuzzled his head into the groove of your neck.

The smell of one too many cigarettes. Stress.

Surprisingly no trace of alcohol. Overworked?

Either way, he was simply exhausted.

There were a few breaths of quiet before you decided to break the silence.



He never answered that one. Had he been more energized he would’ve smoothly navigated around the topic with a witty joke. Honestly though, you had no idea what he did for a living or why it required him to be gone for long periods of time, but you learned that it was better not to ask.

“Will you be back?”

You never really knew when he would drop by or when he would return, if at all.

“…Just let me sleep.”

Come morning there would be no trace that he was ever there. No warmth in the blankets, no sunken space beside you, no creases or lingering cologne on the pillow. You may as well have been next to a ghost.


You were wide awake now but he had already drifted off. With a resigned sigh you closed your eyes.

“I missed you.” He mumbled.

“You’re being awfully honest today.” You didn’t try to hide the sarcasm

You felt him prop himself up on an elbow. He adjusted the strap of your chemise back to where it belonged.

Dry lips pressed against the top of your shoulder and through cracked eyes, you could finally see the profile of his face.

Tousled brown hair, and sunken circles beneath his eyes. Waxy skin that glowed with a pallid hue under the moonlight.

But it was gone in a blink. He tossed himself back on the pillow and drew you in closer.

He was going to be gone for a while. 


[ Girls Fighting Finale ] you’ve worked hard!! 

We are so proud of you, Seungri!!
Tackling a new language & a TV show is an amazing step. Despite the crazy schedules with BIGBANG and the new movie, there was a lot of work put into Seungri’s team on the show. I hope you know your fans will continue to support all your upcoming promotions & goals! Congratulations on a successful TV show. Congratulations to all the girls. The fans hope to see them all in the future! Thank you, Seungri-Teacher!!

I don’t cry in my life. I don’t allow Joe. Joseph doesn’t get to cry, so, by the time it comes to a character, I love that, man, it’s such a release, I am very sensitive. I’ve got bi-polar. I suffer.


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