a spell for your thoughts

Rating: G

Characters/Ships: Jitsui/Hatano, implied/hinted other ships.

Summary: Harry Potter AU. Hatano isn’t used to people being kind to him, or fussing over his well-being, but it’s a nice change. He secretly adores his new family, though he’d never say so to their faces. And life just becomes a bit sweeter when he meets Jitsui, a third year student who shares his mischievous, if wicked, sense of humor. 

Word Count: 999

Notes: I wouldn’t have posted this without everyone’s support and encouragement >w< especially @trepidationchance, who edited this fanfic and made it better! Thank you so much <3 

―First Year―

Hatano cradles his new kitten in his arms as he walks down the corridor. He had decided to name it Yoru, after the old black cat that skulked around his old neighborhood when he was younger.

Alain, his adopted brother, had gifted him Yoru on his first week of Hogwarts. He had congratulated him on getting into Gryffindor, though he would’ve preferred Hufflepuff himself so he could better look after him, to which Hatano responded by sticking his tongue out at him before Yoru stole his whole attention again.

Although, he did appreciate the sentiment. It still feels a tiny bit strange, being given more than a second thought.

But if that is only a tad strange, then Hogwarts is an alternate universe in space. Everything was different from what he was used to.

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Día 44
  • <p> <b></b> Tengo que aceptar que definitivamente no volverás.<p/><b></b> Cómo quisiera regresar a Diciembre y hacer todo bien. Quizá ahora seguiríamos juntos.<p/><b></b> ¿Por qué demonios no te puedo sacar de mí? Me doy vergüenza.<p/><b></b> Ya ha pasado lo que me parece mucho tiempo y aún me dueles. Aún te pienso. Aún te extraño. Y puedo asegurar que tú no, que hasta tienes otro amor. Y está bien, debes seguir tu vida.<p/><b></b> Yo no sé como, ni cómo pudiste hacerlo tan fácilmente.<p/><b></b> Si lo que tuvimos fue real... ¿Como pudiste tan fácilmente estar sin mí?<p/></p>

tumblr wants other people to be problematic so bad
this is no longer about acknowledging that no one is perfect and everyone makes mistakes, or promoting a healthy admiration for other human beings, it’s a bitterness towards the happiness of others and wanting to destroy it and come out of the rubble better than everyone else. you want to be awarded for your cynicism and hate.
it’s poisonous. if you do this, you are a horribly toxic person, and you’re leading a witch hunt

I love this pic :)

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