when your parents burst into your room like they’re trying to find you cheating on them with another set of parents 

This inscription, NON OMNIS MORIAR, is engraved beneath the image of a snake on a tombstone in the Greyfriars churchyard in Edinburgh–where J. K. Rowling found a number of character names she would later use in the Harry Potter series, including Tom Riddle. I used to wander around there a lot but just noticed this for the first time on my last visit and was for obvious reasons struck by the imagery and the accompanying aphorism–NON OMNIS MORIAR. “Not all of me shall die.” Think this might have been inspiration for Voldemort’s last horcrux or Slytherin House? I don’t know, but you’d have a hard time convincing me it wasn’t.

Cassian & Rhysand Sparing:
  • *Rhysand and Cassian sword fighting in the training room, while Azriel watches on the side sharpening a blade*
  • Cassian:*deflects a blow Rhysand made to his left* You know Rhys, though it's not great Feyre got taken by Tamlin... *Thrusts his sword towards Rhysand who deflects it with ease*... A plus is that we do get to spend more time... *twists and blocks another blow to his left* ...with you not sitting around like a needy loverboy.
  • Azriel:*Looks up from sharpening his sword and shakes his head at Cassian*
  • Rhysand:*knocks Cassian's sword out of his hands and pins him by the neck to the wall*
  • Rhysand:TAKE IT BACK NOW.
  • Cassian:Did I touch too deep at loverboy's heart?
  • Rhysand:*Nostrils flare and eyes harden as he releases Cassian*
  • Rhysand:*Throws Cassian's sword at him*
  • Cassian:*catches it by the hilt*
  • Rhysand:Lets spar again and you'll soon learn what a "loverboy" will do in defense of his MATE.
  • Azriel:*sets down his sword to watch* This outta be interesting...