So maybe it's just because I'm a Boring Adult

but I find the part where Yuuri says “I’ll pay in instalments” (for the ring) to be really fucking romantic? Like, oh my god, this ring is a bit too expensive for Yuuri, but he needs to buy it for his future husband because he loves him so much!

I mean, he could have bought something cheap. Like, a good luck charm can be any old thing because it’s more symbolic than anything. But no. It had to be a wedding ring.

this boy is in loooooooove

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The Lost Emotion-

The final boss battle
Knife? What Knife? NH Frisk uses their fiSTS
I don’t think that’d fare very well in a knife fight tho lmao rip

I wonder if this still counts as two vs two B’)

Não estou brava, só estou chateada. Nunca pensei que você seria capaz de uma coisas dessas. Não pelo o que fez, mas por não me contar. Você sempre foi importante para mim, sempre esteve em meu coração, em um cantinho todo seu. Mas hoje eu sei, eu não era, não sou tão importante assim, ou até mesmo você não confia em mim. Você teve a capacidade de se afastar e agora me ignorar, como se fosse um nada. E isso dói, muito. Sinto falta de você, da pessoa que era quando conheci…

If you guys all followed the series for a few years, you may have seen a variety of this pic floating around. While it was just nice art I felt like doing, it was actually leftovers from a scrapped idea I had for a Draconic!N derived from the fact that this version of N has descended from the twin hero-kings who later became dragons if you watch that update video.

I should do a list of scrapped ideas I have had for my comic that didn’t make it to the final cut.