CONAN: You have a sex scene with Kristen Wiig [in Bridesmaids]. Were you nervous about that, or? 
CHRIS: I hadn’t really done that kind of thing before. And it was Kristen’s movie and all, so I just kind of took my part… She’s a real professional, you know, she’s a proper actor and she’s great in the film. But she insisted that, for, I don’t know whether for simplicity sake or realism sake, that we just do it
CONAN: Did you really have sex?
CHRIS: Did I penetrate her?  

CONAN: I’ve said this before, but I mean it– this show will never air. If you’re watching this show right now, you stole a copy.
CHRIS: Well I’m not going to sit here and lie.

AMY: Alright, yo, yo, check it! As you know, 50 and The Game, aka Curtis and Albert, got up in it cause The Game gave mad love to 50’s enemies. […]
TINA: Wait, wait.. 
AMY:  Aight aight aight, then 50 was hatin’ on The Game on Hot 97. The Game was like, what, hell naw! 
TINA:  You know you’re a 3 foot tall white girl, right? 
You gotta remember you guys, you can’t bite the hand, alright? I can’t be like, Tina, your jokes are whack. You tired, you corny, I got no love for your style-
TINA: *takes out gun and shoots her*
AMY: Nah nah, not today, y'all. Not today!
TINA: *shoots her some more*
AMY: My body eats bullets, bitch! 

The Doctor: That’s the Sun over there, brand new. Just beginning to burn.
Donna: Where’s the Earth?
The Doctor: All around us… in the dust.
Donna: Puts the wedding in perspective. Lance was right. We’re just… tiny.
The Doctor: No, but that’s what you do. The human race. Making sense out of chaos. Marking it out with weddings and Christmas and calendars. This whole process is beautiful, but only if it’s being observed.

Donna: So, I came out of all of this?
The Doctor: Isn’t that brilliant? 

Doctor Who 3x00 (2006 Christmas Special) – The Runaway Bride

LESLIE: WHAT is wrong with you?
BEN: I was getting somewhere with him.
LESLIE: Yeah, great small talk over there, okay, let me handle this.
BEN: I get a little nervous with cops–
LESLIE: I’m in control!

Parks and Recreation 3x04, Ron & Tammy, Part Two