“stay close to me - solo”

i took this beautiful screenshot of this beautiful moment when yuri first started the duet alone asdfkjl; and i decided to redraw it ( ‘ v ‘ )b


art © @paluumin

yuri katsuki © yuri on ice



I honestly think too much about about this quote. Mostly void, partially stars. It makes me wonder whether or not those small specks of light scattered sparsely about the vast infinity of the of the void make of up for the miles and miles of lonely and empty expanse. Will the brightness of this one star last you long enough until the next? Or will it fizzle out leaving you wading through the darkness yet again hoping that you aren’t lost forever. Sometimes it seems so close, but you can’t even hold it in the palm of your hand when you stretch out. Other times it’s so far that you wonder if you’re ever going to make it. So much nothingness that it would seem foolish to go out and try to collect all those stars spread so far apart in such a short amount of time. But still, we try. Don’t we?


So, can we just talk about how friggin’ brilliant @vaveyard is, from the very beginning of Red Queen

Like, I was hurt by Maven’s betrayal in the end because I loved him. So much. I fell so hard. I think we all fell in love with him, and it seemed like we loved him from the beginning. But I don’t remember the moment I stopped being so suspiscious of him. I mean, really, I don’t know that there was a logical reason for me to do so. I’m rereading it right now, and almost every chapter after Mare meets Maven, she talks about how she can’t trust him because he’s a Silver and Elara’s son. At what point did I stop taking that to heart?! Idk and it is bothering me because I know now I never should have trusted him, and Mare knew too. How were we both decieved so fully?

Tl;dr: Victoria Aveyard is a genius with the way she manipulates readers through point of view and thought processes and, as a writer, I am jelly af.

i just read a REALLY SWEET FIC by @luckiedee and now I’m in Jack/Bitty happyland, so … IDK, ask me for headcanons, or AU scenarios or something? I’m supposed to be working but I have all day to do this work so. If you think of something. hahah.

Or maybe I should work on a prompt

and go read that fic. i’m happy all the way down to my toes now!


                                       What are they doing there?                                                     Well, you know. If I put them up somewhere people would see them, it’d be embarrasing.