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puppy makkachin?? ✨

here you go! <3 //asdfjkl;;; I’m late for international puppy day but that’s okay :’D

I drew young viktor as well to make up for it ;v;;; //I’m assuming he got makkachin before we see him with long hair so he’s growing his hair out in these drawings ;7;

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asdfjkl; yesss anon <3 here you go! //I got a little carried away because i love them so much asdfjkl;

extra: (I drew this back in 2016 and never finished it because it’s too old and there’s too many mistakes :’D feel free to colour it as long as you give credit to me for the line art)




I honestly think too much about about this quote. Mostly void, partially stars. It makes me wonder whether or not those small specks of light scattered sparsely about the vast infinity of the of the void make of up for the miles and miles of lonely and empty expanse. Will the brightness of this one star last you long enough until the next? Or will it fizzle out leaving you wading through the darkness yet again hoping that you aren’t lost forever. Sometimes it seems so close, but you can’t even hold it in the palm of your hand when you stretch out. Other times it’s so far that you wonder if you’re ever going to make it. So much nothingness that it would seem foolish to go out and try to collect all those stars spread so far apart in such a short amount of time. But still, we try. Don’t we?


I love his hair //////v////// just a few doodles //I’ve been trying to develop a new style but I’m not sure about posting art of my new style ;v;;;


//i’m viktor

i just read a REALLY SWEET FIC by @luckiedee and now I’m in Jack/Bitty happyland, so … IDK, ask me for headcanons, or AU scenarios or something? I’m supposed to be working but I have all day to do this work so. If you think of something. hahah.

Or maybe I should work on a prompt

and go read that fic. i’m happy all the way down to my toes now!

Castiel commission by @awaart, posted with permission of the artist.

I commissioned Awa a while back for a portrait of Castiel with some personal touches. Here’s a couple relevant portions of the commission email:

“Cas is an explorer, venturing out into the stars to see beyond the little ball of his father’s creation. I’d like to play on that, make a piece that shows Cas’s wonder at the universe.


This is more or less for the after-after-after stories of Grace and it’s also very personal. I had only a passing appreciation for space until - ironically - I started crawling around in Castiel’s head. Looking at the Kennedy Space Center last year through his eyes, at the wonder of what we’ve learned and how far we’ve traveled and how our curiosity is still pushing us further and further out - it gave me a new passion for the subject. I love looking at space through Castiel’s eyes. This ancient person, arrogant and bored, found a metaphorical ocean to make him feel small.”

This is the finished piece I received today. I’m thrilled with it; it hits every note and the colors are just… asdfjkl. There’s a couple wee bits that you can’t see at this size - the NASA sticker on the telescope, and the title of the book, which is Space Chronicles, by Neil deGrasse Tyson.

Artist credit is in these notes - please don’t delete them.