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I know that you don't like klaroline but do you like klaus?

Nope.  Not anymore at least.   

I liked the Klaus that we met at the end of S2.  I was intrigued ya know?  We heard about Big Bad Klaus all through S2 and I really enjoyed his scenes with Stefan in the finale.  I wasn’t hugely impressed with him in S3 (he never seemed to live up to the hype).  He came off more like a petulant child than anything else.  Now I just hate him and I’m glad he’s gone.  

HE KILLED CAROL LOCKWOOD.  That shit is unforgivable.  

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Agreed like before i watched the episode i watched the promo and the promo was like the dead are gonna get full revenge and stuff and they hardly did anything

They didn’t do ANYTHING.  Connor got blown up.  Whatshisface shot Damon.  The other whatshisface just messed with Matt and Rebekah. Kol got stuck.  

All they managed to do was show their pretty faces.  That’s it.