anonymous asked:

Head canon that Armin and Annie love to touch each other's hair even though they're both blonde but just seem more intrigued by one another's

ASDFGJ I image when they’re embracing, since Armin’s just tall enough for it, he often nuzzles his nose into her hair. :’) And when they’re cuddling, Annie will run her fingers through his because she loves how soft it is. And then when they’re banging she’s pulling his hair out of his scalp.

bunnyandrainbows  asked:

Why does the fandom have so many jokes about some of the dads not having kids?? Like, I can't play the game, I just watch the gameplays and hope to understand everything lmaoo,, they all have kids right? I'm just so ~~confused~~

i didn’t know that was a thing ppl joked abt ?? all the dads have kids tho bc yknow,,,that’s the name of the game asdfgj