[TRANSLATION] EXO - 170117 Happy Lotto Box Bucket Lists


1. Watch Champion League
2. Skydiving!


1. Travel the world
2. Asia, Europe and South America and world concert tour


1. Solo concert
2. To have the entire world know my music


1. Resteraunt tour
2. Japanese spa holiday


1. To grow a full moustache at least once… Of course, when I’m way~ older!
2. Though I don’t know when it will be possible, but I would like to be the best vocal.


1. Travel the entire world alone
2. Scuba diving tour


1. Travel to and patronise all the three star Michelin resteraunts in the world
2. Go to the moon


1. Backpacking holiday
2. Release 10 solo albums


1. I want to travel to every corner of Korea, and try the famous dishes from them all.
2. I just want to experience everything that I possibly can!

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170117 cecikorea Instagram Video Update: #cecicoverstar #찬열 #chanyeol 쎄씨 2월호 커버스타, 찬열의 커버스토리 비하인드 필름 티저를 공개합니다. 짧은 티저에도 멋짐, 근사함, 잘생김, 청순 다 담겨있네요. 골든디스크 어워즈에서 센스 있는 수상 소감에서 남겨준, 그 커버랍니다. 함께 보시죠. #쎄씨 #ceci #exo #미씽나인 #이열 #내일첫방 #editor_최디렉 #editor_고고걸 #영상_조피디
#cecicoverstar #chanyeol #chanyeol Ceci’s February Edition Cover Star, Chanyeol’s Cover Story ‘behind the scenes’ film teaser will be released. Although it’s a short teaser, it encapsulates the vibrant, handsome, naive characteristics of Chanyeol. The cover content would be on Chanyeol’s speech during the Golden Disk Awards that was full of sense. Let’s watch it together. #Ceci #ceci #exo #Missing9 #LeeYeol #PremiersTomorrow #editorchoi_drek #editor_gogogirl #video_Cho-PD

Translation by Soojung @ fyeah-chanyeol
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