What she says: I’m fine.

What she means: okay but Stef saw Sieger and Marc come in late and on the bus, he sat next to the coach instead of his best friend so he could have a little more time with the boy he was scared to like and after he asks if he’s cool with seeing his “girlfriend” because he knows he’s not ready Sieg isn’t ready to come out but on his face he was sort of hoping he’d tell him but it was okay when he didn’t AND THEN THAT LAST SCENE OMG Stef says their names together (And hey when Eddy interrupted I kind of thought there might be something there too but hey maybe for a sequel) sort of suggesting without suggesting and then changes his mind and compliments them on the race, but he can see how bummed he is and when Sieg’s dad asks if he’s okay, Sieg looks at Stef, knowing he knows, and Stef gives him that small encouraging nod and smile and that was all Sieg needed okay I mean he was a great fucking friend man, and Idk but his character made me so happy oh my god. 

So, i have yet to tell you guys about my experience meeting Chris Colfer Saturday, I kind of showed you the conversation, but not a detailed description of what happened. Forgive me, i’ve been emotionally unstable for the last two days and couldn’t quite write.

So, Saturday, we drove down to Ohio to see Chris. It was a four and a half hour drive, and i went with my sister and friend, Taylor. The drive down was fun. We listened to music, and i was just so excited i could hardly handle it.

When we got to the book store, we got our tickets and books. Now the book loft was an adorable little place. They had a path that went from one side of the block to the other, because the store went from one side to the street behind. The path had a lot of stairs and vines and it was just really cute. The store itself had a ton of little rooms filled with books. i loved it. Since my sister was in a wheelchair, we couldn’t get her up all the steps, so this guy that worked there showed us the back entrance. He said to wait there, but not to tell anyone, because that was where they would be bringing Chris in. So, we told him we wouldn’t say anything.

We went to eat dinner at this little place next door. It was a cute place with amazing food. By this point, it was like five o'clock, so we knew we had some time before Chris got there. Other people from the signing ate there too.

When we finished, we went to the back of the store and just sat out there for a while. Fans started showing up and hanging out back there, like they thought they would get to catch Chris coming in too. But when security started chasing them away, it hit me that he was really going to be there. They told us we could stay, as long as we promised not to tackle Chris. At this point, i’m, like, crying, but i promised to behave, mainly because i don’t believe in attacking people. I respect Chris, i’m not going to do anything stupid. So, when his car showed up, i was internally freaking out. Although i was outwardly shaking and yeah.. He stepped out of the car in all of his beauty and started walking toward us, like right at us. But just before he got to us, security was like, no Chris, come this way. So they led him into the back gate. But when he stepped, like, right in front of me, i quietly squealed, “Hi Chris!” and he replied saying “Hi!” It was adorable. And i died like right there. Getting that little hi made me ten times more nervous for the signing, because i thought i wouldn’t be able to speak English in front of him. 

After he came through, they brought the first group of people around to the back, where they would be going in. Security let us go first, even though we were like 353 in line, so i was in, like, awe that i’d be the first of 600 to meet him. Crazy, right? So we lined up outside the door, i look in the room and bam, Chris was right there. I started freaking out. The lady took my ticket to mark it and Chris was just smiling. So when i actually stepped in the room, i just forgot everything. Like, being in his presence just melted my entire brain. He’s literally so beautiful in person, and that smile. it was perfection sitting right in front of me.

I wanted to give the guy at the door my camera, because i was told someone would take pictures if i wanted them to, but when i stepped through that doorway, Chris said hi, and i forgot what i was doing. (so unfortunately i didn’t get any pictures with him) I said hi back, and i tried fumbling in my pocket, but i was just staring at his face and couldn’t figure out what i was doing.

So, when i reached the table, he was like “Hi, sweetie, how are you?” And i just couldn’t stop staring at him, but i managed to say that i was good.

Then the lady was like, “hand me your book.”

Still staring at Chris, i fumbled through my book, letter, and ticket, trying to figure out what to give her, without letting go of my letter, because i had to give that to Chris. So i handed it to her and Chris signed it. All i could do was stare at him. Then he looked up at me, smiled and said, “I hope you enjoy the book!”

So, by this point, they couldn’t get my sister’s wheelchair through the door, because it was a step up and a tight fit, so i was like alone with Chris and we were making conversation, because we had nothing better to do, so i was like, “oh, i’ve already read the book. i read it, like, right away. It’s so fantastic.”

He said, “thank you.” And mind you, he was smiling the entire conversation.

By that point, i was dying, and i couldn’t think straight, so i had to remind myself to give him the letter, so i held it out saying, “i wrote you this letter. it’s kind of long but i wanted to personally thank you for being such a huge inspiration to me and doing so much for me.”

He reached for it, and we both just like held on to it for a second, while he said, “aw, thank you so much, sweetie!”

By this point, i just really wanted to hug him, or touch him or something. So i looked down at his perfect hands and blurted out “can i just shake your hand?” Creative, i know

He was like, “oh sure!” and reached for my hand. I just watched our hands touch, and held on for a good three seconds. HIS HANDS ARE SO SOFT. ohmygosh. i still can’t get over the fact that i even touched Chris Colfrer. That little hand shake just made my entire life.

After we let go, i looked back at his face and he was like “what’s your name sweetie?”

I couldn’t believe we  were still having this conversation or that he wanted to know my name or that he called me sweetie again, so i quietly said, “Becca.” i had to think about it for a minute.

And of all things, Chris Colfer used my name in a sentence. He was like “thank you for coming, Becca!”

He handed me back my book, so i knew my sister must have been coming. I took it from him saying, “thank you.” Stepped over to the side, so my sister could get through and i just stared at him. 

Then he looked back at me and he was like, “oh, are you related?”

I couldn’t hear if my sister answered or not, so i just said, “yeah, we’re sisters.”

And Chris was like, “i can see the resemblance.” Which means that Chris Colfer had like studied my face enough to know that i looked like the girl that he was now talking to. asdfghklaskfhhsf.

And i was just kind of like “yeah.” because i was still just kind of dying over the fact that he was right there and i had his attention for as long as i did. And he was just so beautiful..

And then Taylor had a quick conversation with him, and i just stood there staring at his perfect face, until his publicist was like “you need to go now.”

So they backed the wheelchair out and i turned to leave, but i looked back at Chris who just smiled. And then i went to the door to wait for them to finish taking her out, when i realized that Chris Colfer was still just sitting behind me. So i turned again and he smiled, and was like “bye!”

So i just kind of, like, waved and blurted out “i love you!” Before i turned and left. And as soon as i walked away, i just started sobbing. I was a mess the entire ride to the hotel and even later that night.

I just literally was so grateful that i had that thirty seconds with him alone. Like, he has done so much for me, and giving him that letter and getting to thank him for helping me through so much just meant the world to me. No one has any idea what he has done for me or how much meeting him meant to me.

He was such a sweetheart, and he was so pretty and just… perfect. it’s been two days and i still can’t believe that happened. I’m still a bit emotional about it. But i just can’t help it. It was a moment i could never forget. I’m truly thankful that i had this experience.

And to anyone who didn’t get to meet him, keep your head up. You’ll get your chance. I never believed it was possible either, but it happened, and it went so well, and i didn’t make a complete fool of myself, so just remember, anything is possible. :)

mymisstina  asked:

How would BTS react when you do the gwiyomi and rapping the song (with gifs if you could)?Thx ♥

Keke Sorry this took awhile~

Seokjin: Jin wouldn’t be able to control himself as he was overflowing with your cuteness and would probably hug you tight and shower you with kisses.

“Gahh why is my jagi so cuute?!”

Yoongi: He’d be chuckling to himself as he shook his head, trying to keep his cool as he was overwhelmed with your cuteness, but failing miserably as he chuckles and lets off an involuntary gummy smile, having an internal conflict. He’d end up enclosing you in his arms as he hugs you tight.

‘Gah keep your cool Yoongi. You’re a cool guy..’

'Shut up Yoongi, you know you’re girlfriend’s too cute for your cool image’

Hoseok: Hoseok wouldn’t be able to contain himself as he just squeezes your cheeks and be vocal about how cute his jagi is and would start of like this: (Imagine you’re Jimin)

then would turn into an aegyo battle.

Namjoon: As for our leader, I can see it going in two ways.

Either he’d be so done of your cuteness and would just contain his giggles to himself, trying to hide his happiness and childishness from you.

Or he’d actually join you and be hyper about it. :))

Jimin: He’d be the king of reactions and would totally find it cute, not being able to stop himself from laughing and expressing how happy he is that he’s girlfriend was so swag and gwiyomi at the same time.

“Wahh Daebakida jinjja Daebak!! Hahahaha~" 

Just imagine his adorable laugh like asdfghkjkl

Taehyung: As for this alien, the first time he hears it, he’d look for the source of the cute voice followed by the rapping..

After finding you, he’d probably enjoy himself and dance along with you rapping and being a gwiyomi himself, having the time of your life rapping, singing, dancing and laughing together.

Jungkook: This guy would be so happy that he’d roll on the floor with the fattest smile there can ever be as he mutters stuff like

"How does she looks so adorable and cute and charming all at the same time?!”

Idk I had fun doing this xD

-Admin Minjung^^