What she says: I’m fine.

What she means: okay but Stef saw Sieger and Marc come in late and on the bus, he sat next to the coach instead of his best friend so he could have a little more time with the boy he was scared to like and after he asks if he’s cool with seeing his “girlfriend” because he knows he’s not ready Sieg isn’t ready to come out but on his face he was sort of hoping he’d tell him but it was okay when he didn’t AND THEN THAT LAST SCENE OMG Stef says their names together (And hey when Eddy interrupted I kind of thought there might be something there too but hey maybe for a sequel) sort of suggesting without suggesting and then changes his mind and compliments them on the race, but he can see how bummed he is and when Sieg’s dad asks if he’s okay, Sieg looks at Stef, knowing he knows, and Stef gives him that small encouraging nod and smile and that was all Sieg needed okay I mean he was a great fucking friend man, and Idk but his character made me so happy oh my god.