Cillian on what it was like for 2 Irishmen to play Anthropoid’s Czech heroes, and whether he’d ever work with Jamie again (1:36 minutes in, major slagging).

Sorry for being late but here’s a little gift of thanks for helping me with that little lineart tutorial (❁´▽`❁)*✲゚* (this is my first time submitting art on this website so i hope it came out right ,,)

AAAA WAAAAHH GAHHH *insert more unexplained voice* Thank you vy much for this I don’t deserve such kindness sobs ;A; This is super cute, perfection, super nice, perfecto mundo *insert more words* I love this so much, Honey! THANK YOU


I was tagged by @harrystyles-mybabyboy (senpai noticed me 😭😭) thanks for the tag !!

• birthday: February 21

• gender/pronouns: she/her

• relationship status: I’m interested in scholarships ;) need me a freak like that

• zodiac sign: Pisces

• siblings: only child !! but like I have a dog so he’s my bro

• pets: a pug named Ricco 💖

• wake up time: 9 A.M. but I need my class schedule so it’s gonna change :/

• love or lust: both tbh

• cats or dogs: dogs but I don’t mind cats I guess ??????

• day or night: night

• text or call: text // I hate phone calls unless it’s important

• met a celebrity: Mat Fraser who plays Paul in AHS:Freak Show

• smile or eyes: nice….

• light or dark hair: idk lol

• short or tall: tall !!

• chapstick or lipstick: neither rip

• city or country: city af

• last song you listened to: All You Had To Do Was Stay by Taylor Swift // 1989 (my fave album by her!!!!!) ((it’s soooo good))

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// don’t feel pressured // don’t do it if u don’t want to // :)