speakeasysniper  asked:

Running running running running - There's no Teachers around to tell him not to, after all, and he does like to go fast-! Too bad that backfires when he skids around a corner and bounces off of something huge and blue. It might be a pair of legs. Belonging to a semi.

Optimus all but hopped backwards in alarm, he had been checking something on a datapad and had not been paying attention to where he was going and now he may have just kicked a mini.  On top of that the ‘backing up’ alarm he had in his alt mode bleeped out loudly which was a little embarassing, hopefully the smaller mech didn’t notice..

“I am so sorry-” he started only to trail off when he realised he didn’t recognise this bot straight away.  It took him a moment “…Bluestreak?” he asked.