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02-25-16 | Pakikiisa sa EDSA :)) Kaya dilaw. Jk. Coincidence. This is what happens when boredom and vanity strikes. Sorry for the face~ It’s disturbing as it is. Hahaha.

PS. This is because, I’ll be out again for the rest of the week. Ilocos baby here I come ^^ G

Sino ba tong mongs na to? Selfie ng selfie sa phone ko -_- HAHAHAHA. Mukhang koreano oh. Lol.

PS. I’ll be out for the rest of the holy week. Stating tomorrow wala nang pasok :)) Tapos, kasama sa sacrifices ko ang “No Gadget”, so that means no social account muna. So yeah, I’ll be back on Sunday. Yun! Spend time with your loved ones and let us repent, reflect, rejoice and renew :)) G.