I want someone I can get lost with. he doesn’t need to be perfect. I just want him to be someone I can be around without wishing I was anywhere else but with him. I want someone who takes the time to get to know me; someone who knows me so well he can read my mind. I want someone to care, to like a few of the things I like, to like me, to want to travel the world with me. I want someone who DOESNT stress me out like almost every other person in my boring life.
I hate that I hate school. I love learning,but GOD I hate my entire class! they stress me out so much.
I just want to run away and get lost somewhere beautiful. I want to swim in the ocean, sleep under the stars, do whatever the hell I want. I don’t want to think about school or my fake friends or the fact that I’ll probably fail at life. I just want to live and explore and feel young.
I want someone who makes me feel young.


Tumblr are you telling me I’ve been on here for a year without knowing this shortcut.

Are you telling me I could have hyperpermalinked or whatever the fuck my way over to a new tab by clicking that corner for this entire year and two months I’ve had this blog

Why do people rp with me like I’m some kind of quality blog when I’m obviously a dumb potato good fucking lord THIS WOULD HAVE SAVED ME SO MUCH TIME AND EFFORT




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@igotofiindthesun, @daughteroferynlasgalen tagging the both of you because without that thread and the random corner fold appearing I still wouldn’t have figured this out.