Scene Meta- 5.14: Milah Meets Hook

For my Follower Appreciation: Meta On Demand @gusenitsaa asked for me to analyze the Millian meet cute and I was only too happy to oblige as it meant I had to watch the scene over and over and over! Thanks so much for following and for sending in a prompt! Hope you like what I came up with!

The scene opens with Rumple and Milah discussing what needs to be done in order to save Baelfire. Milah urges an unenthusiastic Rumple toward bravery and after some talking he gets up and leaves. Placing this scene right next to Killian’s introduction into Milah’s life is very deliberate. Rumple and Killian have always been foils and a study in contrasts and this scene works overtime to show this to Milah (and the audience).

As Rumple walks out of frame Milah’s pained face fills the screen. She is worried, near tears, and she takes a drink. She is emotionally spent and she has to know that what Rumple is attempting may result in her losing both her husband and her son. Having her drink spilled on her and fending off the paws of a drunk oaf seems to bring her near hysterics; her voice rising in pitch. And that’s when Killian Jones, a man that doesn’t even know her, steps into help.

Think about what this means to Milah, a woman who is shunned in her own village because of her husband, a woman whose husband never stands up against bullies, a woman who has been carrying her own burdens for so long. It’s not a big thing but in that moment it as important as a knight slaying a dragon.

(source @onceland) (PS I love the way his necklace moves)

Now up until this moment the ambient noise of the tavern has been pretty loud. Men laughing, people talking, and the strains of some tavern performer played over Milah’s conversation with Rumple. But the moment Killian enters the background noise is replaced by a low hum of strings. The contrast further emphasizes the impact of this meeting on Milah.

Unlike Rumple, Killian is both decisive and unafraid of a bully. He ends the fight before it can really begin and the little to no reaction of the people in the tavern gives you an idea about what kind of place it is. Killian sits, smiles, and offers her a drink–an expensive shot to replace the lost little bit of cheap ale. It’s a very smooth move but I don’t think Milah really appreciates it because she looks like she is still in shock. Again when was the last time someone helped her fight a battle or offered her a drink?

source @thekillianjones

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