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"Hey, Lee? What's the thing about tops and bottoms about?" She tilts her head curiously. "I mean, I know it's a sex thing, and I know one's dominate and one's submissive, but then there's power bottoms and top bottoms and someone mentioned a 'sideways' but I think they were kidding..." she huffs. "It's very confusing."

Lena chuckles at the ‘sideways’, but she takes the question seriously.

“In my understanding of it, power bottoms are submissives who are a little more in charge…more aggressive than a normal submissive. And I’ve never heard of top bottoms…what I have heard about is topping from the bottom-” Lena smirks, “Which can be very fun if I say so myself.”

“I don’t believe sideways is a thing, but there’s the term switch, which means that both people alternate between the roles of submissive and dominant.”

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You seem to be such a sweet person😭😭 I really like your blog and your art + your french is quite good dont't worry✨

*clutches chest* Thank you so much, omg o/////o I’m quite glad I could trick you all to believe I’m actually nice, huehuehue :> As for my french…I might have checked some expressions with *cough*


Have you ever seen a man so beautiful you started crying????

Queen Yuri Plisetsky aka Yurio aka Yura 😘👑
//may your hair keep growing longer and longer because Beka and I like that a lot 🙏💙//