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“I’m banging you tonight” ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 

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sorry ive sort of been absent this past month but its cuz IM MOVINGG!! ASDFKJHASLKF ive been really busy packing and stuff lol and i kept putting off announcing cuz i was tired lol cuz i was also trying to get my drivers license too whcih was also stressing me out but I DID IT AHAHAH. so i now have a drivers lickense AND im finally moving out lol so A LOT OF STUFFS BEEN GOIN ON LOL so ill be moving to San Francisco this Saturday (by plane!), so expect some post lack until im all settled in, but ive been posting more actively on Insta if you wanna check me out there (also lem0uro), probably posting stuff about the move there too lol. BUT OMG YEA. THINGS ARE HAPPENING WOW OMG LOL. 

but anyway! ill see you in a few! i have to pack up my cintiq and pc now lol so omg asdfghjkl lots of stuff to do oh god lol akdfjahslk