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Baekhyun is cringing from Suho’s cheesiness while Chen and D.O. remain immune to it
↳ EXO’rDIUM in Singapore, April 2nd 2017 (own fancam)

BTS’ Rap Line’s Reaction to Meeting a Shy Fanboy

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Rap Line | Seokjin&Maknae Line


When he saw you, a boy, at the fansign; Yoongi was already excited as the ratio of female to male fans that attended these was around 1,000,000:1

When you finally got to him, he asked if you would like to hold hands - an offer which you gladly accepted. He intertwined your fingers, gently swaying both of your hands in the air. 

“You seem nervous.” He stated, tilting his head to the side.

“Ah, I’m sorry. I’m just..I’m just r-really nervous. I love BTS a lot.”

“Hmm. Who’s your bias?” He smirked.

“It’s Jeongguk..”  

He rolled his eyes while smiling, laughing slightly. This made you feel more at ease.

“Of course it’s Kookie and not me. Well, I’ll forgive you because you’re adorable.”

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The minute he saw you in line, he would turn to Taehyung and whisper while pointing at you, “Look! Behind the girl with the white scarf. A boy!”

When it was your turn to talk to him, he would reach out and ruffle your hair while smiling at you. You felt as though you were on fire with just how much you were blushing. 

“I really love you, a lot. I think you’re an amazing dancer and rapper. You’re also really handsome.” You were actually surprised with yourself because you managed to speak to your idol without stuttering

“Ah, you’re so cute!” He beamed, flashing a big toothy smile at you before signing your album. 

“…you’re also my bias,” you muttered quietly, just lough enough for only Hoseok to hear.

“I am?! Haha, that’s amazing!” He would get so giddy at your confession, quickly turning to Taehyung.

“He said I’m his bias, not you. You owe me a bowl of ramen, kiddo.”

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Namjoon/Rap Monster:

Having a male fan in between the tens of female fans at this fansign was something Namjoon didn’t expect, but he was still delighted to talk to you nonetheless. His eyes lit up when you handed a Ryan plushie over to him, thanking you quietly before sitting it in his lap. He immediately took your hand and laced your fingers together. 

“Ah, you’re my favourite member…You’re so talented at rapping and you’re a better dancer that I could ever dream of being and..y-you’re really attractive. Like, really attractive.”

You blushed after saying the last part, shying away and looking down at the floor.

“..I just.. wow. Thank you so much. It’s really nice and refreshing to hear that from a fan boy.” This time it was Namjoon’s turn to blush, a light pink peeking out from underneath his foundation. You smiled while once again looking down at the floor as he answered your post-it-note question. 

When the fan meet was over and you got home, you rumaged through your bag and pulled out the album, opening it and bringing out the post-it-note. When you were holding it up and closing the album back over, you noticed that Namjoon had wrote something on the back when you weren’t looking.    

“P.S: you’re really attractive too - RM ♡ ” 

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