asdfghjkl i love him

When your new little brother breaks the world record and youre proud and happy for him

(please dont interact if you ship them romantically it makes me uncomfortable)

Also, funny thing, I found a bank cheque that Casanova had signed and apparently, he didn’t even need to sign it properly, he just had to jot down his initials but he’d gone all out, even writing himself as “Jacques Casanova” (his posh, Chevalier name) and adding a little wax seal and a few flourishes.

Tbh, it was not very surprising. I imagine the conversation went something like “Signor, what are you doing?” “I’m signing this cheque so you don’t throw me in jail?” “Okay but perhaps you don’t need to go so overboard with all the swirls and the seal” “Perhaps, Pietro, you should shut the hell up and let me do what I want”


[ I had wanted to celebrate Clear’s birthday no matter what, so I had suggested, “How about we make the day you and your grandpa met for first the time, your birthday?”.
And of course, Clear had remembered the date of that day without fail.
That date was today.
20th February. ] x

Happy birthday, Clear!♡


“i feel so lucky to have existed at the same time as you, clearly the odds were in my favor for once.“

notsofatpinkcat  asked:

what are your thoughts on takumi (im sorry i cant think of much rn asdfghjkl)

I love him???

Honestly takumi is such a great character. I find him strangely relatable for the story in all three paths.

He definitely shows signs of anxiety, the poor guy feels so inferior.

He tends to question the avatar more than the other characters which makes the other characters more flat to be honest. He’s not one dimensional. Yes he’s cranky and self deprecating but he also recognizes himself as strong but feels like others don’t recognize that and in turn feels he might actually be weak. it’s like when artists make a piece their proud of and get zero notes on it and doubt themselves. He is also very loving despite his irritable facade, look at the way he is willing sakura to old onto him in Birthright(?) or that he does really care for Corrin even though in some ways he’s jealous.

Also he is a fantastic unit. Especially if you keep him at least one level lower with his personal skill and then on top of having deathblow the guy crits with such high hit percentages and strength he’s truly unstoppable.

Also his giant fluffy hair???! Like omg?? Look his his long ponytail just swings everywhere and asdkjhflakjfsdh

Honestly I could go on. I am tempted to say he’s the best Fe14 character if not one of the best.

Also tacomeme


I’m laughing this is hilarious I love him