DREW: seriously Pepsi, don’t mess with those guys. what do you think they’ll do when they find a human in their territory? i’ll tell you what they’ll do. SUCK. YOUR. BLOOD!

PEPSI: pfft, right. sounds like you’re just trying to scare me, Drew. maybe i should go check this place out… Ethan and Emily can even take me there!

DREW: fine, whatever. just don’t say i didn’t warn you!


Riverdale 1.06  Faster, Pussycats! Kill! Kill! Trailer

tbr tho? i’m so happy for griffin. he’s spent two+ years turning words alchemy-like into straight up masterpieces and apparently he’s been sitting on this plot twist for a whole year? like damn i can’t even keep twists like that to myself for a DAY. and did ANYONE see that coming? hell naw. i’m proud of him

‏إذَا نَاجى العبدُ ربّه في السّحر واسْتغاثَ به .. وقال :
ياحيّ يَاقيّوم
“ أعْطاهُ الله مِن التّمكِين مَالا يَعلمْه إلّا الله ”
ياحي يا قيوم برحمتِكَ أستغيث أصلح لي شأني كله ولا تكلني لنفسي طرفة عين.
  • NASA: We've discovered seven new exoplanets!
  • People: Yawn. Add 'em to the pile.
  • NASA: They're all Earthlike! They might have liquid water and life!
  • People: But they're probably all spread out all over.
  • NASA: Nope! Seven Earthlike planets, all orbiting the same star.
  • People: Okay, sure, but that star's probably halfway across the universe.
  • NASA: Only 40 light years! We could send and receive communications in a human lifetime!
  • People: Wow, that is kind of cool. Let's start communicating! Let's send a probe! Hell, I'll volunteer to get on the generation ship if it means leaving this nightmare hellscape.
  • NASA: We'll start figuring out the message.
  • People: This almost sounds too good to be true! By the way, what star did you say they orbit?
  • NASA: Trappist-1.
  • People: Trappist-1.
  • NASA: That's right.
  • People: The improbably large set of Earthlike planets orbiting a single star at such a distance that they might all be capable of harboring life, close enough to Earth that we could maybe send messages or visit, orbits a star named "Trappist-1."
  • NASA: That's right! I'm gonna start beaming out the message.
  • People: What could possibly go wrong?