Gonna regret that- 

For the end of this lil hiatus, I’ll draw until five requests I’ll receive in my inbox ! Can either be Undertale (au included), Oneshot, Hollow Knight, some characters from musicals (Hamilton, Evan Hansen, The Greatest Showman, etc), from cartoons as well (Gravity Falls, Adventure Time, Steven Universe, etc) and Hero Academia (wanna try to draw some anime yea) !

Don’t hesitate to ask me ! And be original ! and understand if I can’t draw all of your requests as always, I can’t do them all heh-


You know, I’ve thought a lot about what happened, and I’ll spare you the details about my anger, and the crying, and the weight loss, and the empty space on my wall where your picture used to be. Because I’ve decided that there’s no point in focusing on the negatives. I’d rather think about the good things that came from this. Like, you taught me a really valuable lesson.