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This is dedicated to everyone in our lovely fandom.

Who knew that, because of two loving ninja boys, I’d be able to meet so many wonderful people who never fail to make my day brighter.

I want to thank all of you for being here and continuing to support the relationship and bond of these two no matter what happens. Our fandom is so strong and devoted and inspiring. We always stand up for each other and we don’t let the worst get to us. 

Even though there are so many people who I don’t often talk to (though I wish I could!) I still feel like we are really close. Just like a family. We have each other’s backs no matter what. We can understand the love and dedication we feel for Naruto and Sasuke, which is what brings us even closer to each other. 

I really hope that, no matter what happens, SNS will always be in our hearts just like this wonderful fandom ♥

To finish off, I would like to mention a few people who I can’t imagine this fandom without (in no particular order.)

@rei-scarlet My first friend in the fandom. I was always a quiet mouse and never spoke up until we started talking. I feel so comfortable talking with you about pretty much anything, haha! You’re the one who convinced me to buy Yours For an Hour (BEST DECISION OF MY LIFE). You always stand your ground and can always make me feel better.

@saucegayuchihayyyy You are straight up savage and that’s what I love about you. You don’t take people’s bullshit. But, you are also a caring sweetheart and the posts you make are always thorough and interesting. We don’t talk that often anymore, but seeing you on my dash always makes me happy!

@someone-who-is-there Su, you are so strong and influential. I honestly aspire to be like you. I could even say that you’re like a role-model to me. Even though we don’t know each other that well, yet, I still feel like I could talk to you about anything because you are such an open-minded person. (and your voice is so cute asdfghjk)

@cantgetoversns What can I say? You’re the cutest cinnamon roll ever! I wish that I could just give you the biggest hug possible! You’re a really positive person and talking to you brings me so much joy. 

@blurryfaceimagines Looking back at our messages, we actually haven’t talked a lot but it feels like we’ve been talking for years! You’re really accepting and you make me feel special. I hope we do get to talk more often!

@bahare-uzuchiha I honestly don’t know what the SNS fandom would be like without you! You are considerate and very helpful. I feel like I can always come and talk to you if anything is going on, knowing that you will be there.

@tomoe-au Talking with you is so pleasant and heart-warming. You’re a great person and I absolutely adore your art! You always say sweet things about me which I really think I don’t deserve, haha.

@it-started-over-sasunaru My KakaSaku mutual! I love your blog and sense of humour! 


@sasu-loves-naru I remember looking through your blog a lot of times before I even got a Tumblr account! I still love looking through your blog because it’s one of my favourites.

@oliroux Everything you guys do makes me so happy and your contribution to the SNS fandom makes me ever so grateful.

@schaychan Cutie pie with an awesome blog which of course I have my notifications on for~

@ohnaruto We are born on the same day in the same year!!! How crazy is that??? We suddenly stopped talking, but I really hope that you’re doing okay and I love you lots!

@n-a-r-a-t-oo My native friend~ Talking with you is so nice and casual which is what I really enjoy!

@kanonslolly Another native friend whom I absolutely adore! You’re a really cool person and talking with you is so much fun!

@bean-paste-man A blessing to the SNS fandom. 

@asksnfamily An adorable and original blog. I love your art style so much!

@46captain46 We never talked, but you always reblog my stuff which makes me so happy!

@tomato-x-ramen I adore your blog and art style so so much!

@snscomix Another stunning SNS artist! 

@sns-is-my-lifeblood @the-tragic-lovers @sasuke-and-naruto @dobeandteme @9essence @ohfortheloveofnaruto @sasunarubb @lilium-sns @sebas-chan-butler @thecurseofhatred @narusasuaddict @art-is-an-explosiiion @temedobe

(There is so so soooo many more people I want to tag but then this list would go on forever! I love you all and thank you for keeping this fandom going ♥)

asdfghjk a lot of stuff in this is so wonky hhhh ;v;;  i have no idea how backgrounds work ha AH HAahaa..


Congratulations to Jackaboy for reaching 10 MILLION SUBSCRIBERS!!
hOREH SH ET das a lotta people, his channel is growing so fast, i m cr y
I’m so proud :’D I remember watching your videos when you still had 6 million subs X’D Keep doing what you’re doing Jack, we love ya!! <3 <3



#at first i was like #yoo look at that smirk on daniel’s face #he knows #he knows she wouldn’t have let anyone shoot him #but then peggy stays silent  #and idk but in the last gif #maybe daniel’s still convinced peggy wouldn’t have let him die #BUT at the same time i can also see daniel’s insecurities creeping back in #and i’m sooo asdfghjk #because i know homegirl was just currently realizing that the idea of losing daniel is scaring the shit out of her #and that being scared to lose him is making her scaredx1000 #bc uh-oh she just lost a love and now she’s vulnerable like that again #so i rly rly have this intense need to tell daniel that no ok? she would not have let anyone shoot you #im sure

So judging by how Smoky Quartz named themselves in this episode, I think it’s basically been confirmed that fusions just name themselves after whatever type of rock they think they most resemble. That means that at one point every fusion we see, including Garnet, just fucking happened to have extensive knowledge on all gemstones ever, or at least a lot of them, and knew exactly how those gemstones looked like to pick out their permanent name. And idk about you but I want to see a flashback where Ruby and Sapphire are still young lovers and are throwing around name suggestions as to what their fusion of love should be called, like parents picking a name for their baby and it’s just hours of like “What about ___?” till they finally agree on Garnet and it’s so asdfghjk c u t e