asdfghj omg ;;

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YOUR AU IS AMAZING MY WIFE IS SO TALENTED CKSBCKSNCKSNCK (i thought about stripper Jimin and i blushed so hard jdjajcnzk my mom asked what was wrong and i just whispered "jibooty...")

THANK YOU WIFE ASDFGHJ. Also omg…jibooty. IT’S NOT A PHASE MOM IT;S THE REAL ME!1!!!!!111!!1! same Marie same :’)

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every time you post one of your edits and say something like "sorry it's shit" i'm reminded of those people who will invite you into their spotless, pristine house and say "you'll have to excuse the mess"

asdfghj omg stoppp this is so cute ?? wtf

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Adding onto the 2nd in command headcannon, what if Tom and Mat go on a mission to rescue Edd, thinking Tord had forced him into a position or made him a prisoner. But once they reach the base and force their way in, Edd has to confront them with troops. Matt and Tom think that he's betrayed them, while Tord is pleased with this ordeal, and brags about how Edd's been put to good use and how the others should have joined them when they had the chance. Edd is pissed off but doesn't know what to do


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virtuallyunnoticed  asked: summer I remember it getting up to 128. If you're outside for even one second it feels like you've stepped into an oven and you're literally baking. But we have very mild winters, so I no longer know what cold is.

ASDFGHJ WHAT OMG THATS INSANE THE HOTTEST IVE GOT IS MAYBE 110;;;Our winters are pretty cold (really windy more like)

GOT7 Pick-up Lines.
  • JB: You're chic... I'm chic. We're perfect for each other.
  • Youngjae: If I sing to you, will you like me? Because my heart is your playground.
  • Jr: You wanna go out? **Extreme Aegyo Overload**
  • Jackson: What's with my body? Will you check, then be my only good girl?
  • Mark: Can I back-flip my way into your heart? Because you know you want a piece of me.
  • BamBam: I think the magnet I ate isn't working. It isn't attracting you to me. Can you get closer and see if it works?
  • Yugyeom: ... GIRLS OMG ASDFGHJ!! >//< **Passes out**