I was gonna wait until later to do this, but its eating at me and I just want to get it out right now. before I blow up into a tears fest again lol. well, i’ll prob cry while writing this cause im a dork but yeah.  

Ok. so.

I first want to start out and thank all the great people that have supported this blog, despite my nerdy tendencies and crazy ooc ness. I know, im not like a lot of OP blogs with amazing literacy and supurb vocabulary, and there are two really good ones that i freakin love so much, that I wish I could be like but we are all different and special, and have our own unique way on how we interpret characters and shit.  but I try. I really do.

so, to have so many followers, who still like me despite that is really great and means a lot. I never EVER thought I would get this far, and u guys made it possible and holy shit, i know I have not hit 2000 yet but I just needed to talk about this because its just…a big part of how yesterday/earlier tonight made me feel kinda weird all the rest of the day and its gonna eat at me until I get it out so here it goes.

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YOU GUYS, I came out as ace to someone important to me today.
instead of calling me crazy or shutting me down, they asked questions until they understood the matter, then told me this is not something I should feel bad for.
afterwards, they got me this Mine Turtle shirt and a little booklet consistant of only cat pictures and cute phrases like “cats will silently take over the world” and “a moody cat is the personification of ‘moody’”.

this is both the best reaction I could wish for and the best gifts ever and I’m just so happy.

Prohibirle algo a un joven es la forma más fácil de convertirlo en algo épico y digno de lucha.
—  Mi papá (Ni idea si parafrasea a alguien)