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sO i'm around 5 feet tall, asian, and I have black hair that goes down just a bit past my shoulders, and my eye colour is black. I love shakespeare, poetry, and anime and kaz brekker is my c h i l d :D I'm kind of a Jem Carstairs tbh bc i can play the violin and the piano and I speak chinese !! I'm a huge space nerd and love tea and cats and i like soft colours haha tq :)

asdasjk you sound so soft and pretty and i think black eyes are so unique and pretty?? they’re like black diamonds which are one of the (if not THE) most expensive crystals in the world like more than regular diamonds, more than rubies and sapphires and even gold, more than anything a.k.a SUPER COOL AND BEAUTIFUL AND SPECIAL!! and i’d be more than happy to date you omg :’)

no more for now ladies