this is my son he’s kind of trying his best

demolitioninevitable  asked:

Catch the rabbit immediately pulling Joshua into an embrace and resting his snout against his forehead. No sad guards on his watch. // Mike forced me to send this SDJSKCVDKFS


Joshua gave a light, surprised gasp as Michael wrapped his arms around the night guard’s smaller fame, but he did not pull away. Actually, he welcomed this embrace, very much so. A warm, genuine smile spread on his lips before he returned the hug, resting his head on the rabbit’s chest.

Thank you, Michael. This means a lot to me. Sorry, I…you know, the circumstances of our lives may be very different, but…I’ve been very lonely too, for a long, long time. I know how it feels. I’ve never really talked to anyone as much as I have to you. But I’m glad we have each other, and can rely on one another for comfort. What I’m trying to say is…I appreciate you, Michael. Very, very much. And I’m here for you. You’ll never be alone with me around. I promise.