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20 Hilarious Ways That Children Embarrass Their Parents

Children embarrass their parents in the most hilarious ways. [Photo: Rex]

The average child humiliates his mum and dad a whopping 576 times, during his school years alone. Inappropriate comments, repeating swear words and commenting on their parents’ size lead to frequent red faces.

But while some of the embarrassing things children say are pretty rude, most are just hilarious – to a bystander, at least.

From pointing to a neighbor and announcing loudly “there’s that strange woman you don’t like” to proudly informing the doctor that “mummy takes medicine too – it’s called Malibu”, some seriously toe-curling moments have been revealed by George at Asda.

More than half of parents admitted their children often leave them feeling humiliated in front of friends, loved ones and people they’ve not even met.

Pointing out an over-weight strangers size is a common occurrence for parents as is leaving the school gates looking a rather ‘dishevelled’.

Some mums are left feeling mortified when their offspring point out a grey hair in public or make the world around them aware “that lady is old”. But if you spot someone you’d rather avoid, think again, because children often make a habit of shouting out to people you know but are trying to dodge.

The typical school aged child has already left poor mum and dad cringing at least twice in the last month alone.

 One in 10 parents said the cause was the offspring weeing in entirely inappropriate places.

Asking strangers what they are doing, smashing items in a shop and digging out private medication or tampons and asking what they are, are also regular embarrassing moments for parents.

The 2,000 polled parents also revealed how they escape humiliating situations. Four in 10 parents suggest the best remedy is to just ignore their children. While one third opt for giving their offspring a telling off - one in 10 choose to distance themselves from the child and pretend they aren’t with them.

20 Top Things Children Do To Embarrass Their Parents

1.    Repeat a swear word

2.    Stare at strangers

3.    Comment on parent’s size or weight

4.    Mispronounce a word to accidentally make it rude

5.    Scream at the top of their voices in public places

6.    Point out a stranger’s size or weight

7.    Ask where babies come from in front of friends and strangers

8.    Ask about ‘private parts'

9.    Remark on a stranger’s age

10.  Leave school looking 'dishevelled'

11.  Point out mum or dad’s grey hair

12.  Wee in inappropriate places

13.  Shout out when they spot someone they know and the parent is trying to avoid

14.  Open a changing room curtain when a stranger is getting dressed inside

15.  Ask a stranger what they’re doing

16.  Tell a teacher about private family issues

17.  Answer the home telephone but not say anything

18.  Smash an item in the shop

19.  Talk very loudly about mum or dad’s age

20.  Take medication or tampons out of the cupboards and ask what they are.

Share you embarrassing moments by tweeting @YahooStyleUK.

Dad Builds Triple Rocking Chair So He Can Read To All Of His Kids At Once

Back-To-School Gear That’ll Make The Return To Class A Whole Lot More Tempting


Asda are selling an awesome unicorn duvet - rainbow tails, rainbow manes, rainbow shooting stars; the works. They go all the way up to king size and this double was only £12. I‘d estimate my bed is now 83% more magical.

How old is too old for unicorn-themed bedding? I say infinity + 1 years.

what i’m taking to uni

Yesterday I visited Asda Living with my parents to pick up all the bits and pieces I’m going to need when I move into university halls next week. I was pleasantly surprised with how cute AND good-value everything was! My favourite purchases were this duvet cover, this great value saucepan set, and a selection of these towels (photo above).

Below you can read my list of what homeware to take to uni.

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My outfit of the day consisted of the following items; 

Black tank binder - 3XL - £24.25 ($38) + P&P (roughly £30 end price) - GC2b [x]
Black and white, striped, tank tee - 2XL - £3 (sale item) - New Look (Mens) [x]
Light blue, denim, short sleeved, button-up shirt - 3XL - £6 - Primark (Mens) [x]
Maroon/Red, skinny jeans - 22 - £15 (appox.) - George/Asda (Womens) 
Denim blue, lace-up, chukka boots - 8 - £10.80 (sale item - £12 from £24.99 but got an extra 10% off due to tatty laces) - New Look (Mens) [x

I’d give this outfit a 7.5/10 for comfort.
This is only because binders are fairly uncomfortable (even at the best of times) and because the tank is a lil too big it shows more binder than I’m usually comfortable with.
But! My jeans are pretty old so fit loosely and are hella comfy. 

PS. Stay fab!


A cheaper alternative to Stabilo Fineliners, for less than half the price.

I got my 20 pack of Stabilo fineliners from Wilko for £8 which I thought was a pretty good deal. They work great, I love the range of colours and they make my notes super pretty. A cheaper alternative are the ASDA Fineliners. You get 8 for only £1.50! There aren’t as many colours but they write brilliantly, only slightly thicker than Stablio but you barely notice. Also, they last for so long! My pack got me through a good 6 months (and they’re still going) including a hectic amount of flashcards.

Total saving: £6.50

Quality difference: Less colours but still enough to make your notes gorgeous and they flow just as well, if not better. See comparison here.

Day 74: A day.

I’ve worn this before - but that’s going to start being a common refrain, since a) I’ve now worn most things I own at least once, b) I have not yet replaced the work trousers I tore the other day, and c) I’ve now packed the clothes I’m least likely to wear in the next week or two.

However, I haven’t worn the choker (99p at a Cancer Research charity shop) or the earrings (Asda) before, so there’s that.

I remember that when I listened to panic! at the disco for the first time, angely (<3) made me a summary of the band and their albums.
and it was literally like:

a fever you can’t sweat out: their first album
this has “i write sins not tragedies” which is basically the first song by them that everyone heard and– I CHIME IN WITH A HAVEN’T YOU PEOPLE EVER HEARD OF
it was really emo
i love it

pretty.odd (my favorite): if you like the beatles/classic rock, you’re gonna like it
brendon urie is gay
ryan ross is gay
listen to northern downpour, i cried
everyone is gay
i am gay
(brendon is high but he’s high the whole time so)

vices and virtues: ryan and jon left the band and brendon can release the gay inside him now
it’s kinda like pop or something like that
it’s cool tbh
i think it’s almost everyone’s fav album along with afycso
all the lyrics are about ryan tbh (except for sarah smiles bc sarah is bae)

too weird to live, too rare to die: pop
brendon likes weed
the songs get stuck in your head for 3 years
more pop

hallelujah: another song about ryan
spencer left the band and i’m not okay (i promise)
i think they’re gonna release an album soon???

the end

albums in one word

a fever you can’t sweat out: emo
pretty odd: gay
vices and virtues: ryan ross
too weird to live, too rare to die: ryan ross v2.0

Day 73: I have no idea what this expression is.

I think I was halfway through saying words.

I bought this dress from a Sense charity shop in Loughton a few years ago. I don’t wear it as much as I should, and I don’t know why - although I wore it to my sister’s wedding, so it’s now extra-special to me. The tights are from Asda, the shoes are from Payless, and the earrings were made by my friend Emma.


My outfit of the day consisted of the following items;

Dark grey, zip-up hoodie - 2XL - £10 - Primark (Mens)
Simpsons pixel art, grey tshirt - 2XL - £5 (sale, originally £8) - F&F/Tesco (Mens)
Navy, chino/jeans/trousers - 24 - £16 - George/Asda (Womens)
Denim blue, lace-up, chukka boots - 8 - £10.80 (sale item - £12 from £24.99 but got an extra 10% off due to tatty laces) - New Look (Mens) [x]

I’d give this outfit an 8/10 for comfort.
I absolutely adore this tshirt. It’s definitely one of my favourites and I’m really lucky to have managed to get it on sale before they all sold out.
The hoodie and trousers are pretty old so I can’t link to them, sorry about that. But on the up side, they’re both really comfortable because they’ve been worn so many times before.

PS. Stay fab!