Autistics by location

So lately I’ve been wanting to meet more autistic people ! But it’s kinda hard to reach out to people you don’t know yet … So I’ve created this map.

Click on the map to add a pin, share as much (or as little) information about you as you’d like in the information square, and maybe you’ll find out you live near other autistic people ! :)

- Sister Cat

idlewildly  asked:

2, 3, 7, 14 and 20 for the autistic character ask thing?

I’ll do these for Matt Murdock!

2. Stimming head canons?

He’s trained himself to have pretty restrained stims over the years, but he does a lot of tactile ones: playing with his cane, tapping his fingers, shaking his head, flapping his hands when he’s distressed. His Daredevil activities probably act as stimming for him too tbh.

3. how do they feel about touch?

While Matt has a huge personal bubble around strangers, he’s a pretty tactile guy. He definitely seems to seek it out with people whom he likes and it’s been so long since he was regularly touched that every time he is, he’s like !!! So on the whole, Matt is a big fan.

7. what calms them down?

Honestly, fighting…Foggy wishes it weren’t true, but fighting is what really calms Matt down. If fighting isn’t available, Matt will settle for a punching bag. Some noise cancelling headphones or just being around Foggy sometimes help too.

14. are they open about being autistic or do they prefer to keep it to themselves?

If he knows, I think he keeps it to himself. Matt Murdock does not part with his secrets easily and I doubt this would be any different–especially since I think he would be worried about people not taking him seriously if they knew that he had multiple disabilities.

20. what would be their idea of sensory hell?

Honestly, he’s probably living it most of the time. The middle of a crowded department store is a special kind of hell for him though. Between the crowds, the heat, the perfume + body smells, and the noise, it’s immediately overwhelming to him.

@ro-fo-sho​ asked for #1-7 for taz’s Angus McDonald for the autistic fictional character ask meme:

1. How are they with clothing textures? are they fine with fashionable but uncomfortable clothes or do they prefer casual & comfy? or other?

Ango is very particular about clothing textures and tends to wear the same school boy uniform-type clothing most of the time*. It’s very important to look prim and proper, especially since it’s pretty hard to get taken seriously out there when you’re an autistic boy detective!

*Wearing the Jeff Angel shirt was an exception to his attire, and, admittedly, it was not a great texture feel (But Jeff Angel!).

2. Stimming head canons?

Angus is a very verbal stimmer; he does a lot of echolalia/repetition and often hums to himself. He also paces a lot (as every good detective should when deep in thought) and flaps and twirls his hands when he’s excited.

3. how do they feel about touch?

I think he’s pretty particular about it. If he’s close to you, then yes please, sirs, he would love a hug, but otherwise: nope.

4. favourite foods & textures?

Angus loves sweet foods!! Though executive dysfunction makes it hard for him to cook (and remember things like putting sugar in macaroons), so he usually just goes for fantasy Twinkies or whatever desserts Taako is making. He tends to love foods with soft or creamy textures (Ango, I cannot relate in the slightest).

5. hated foods & textures?

He can’t get down on mutton (or most meat, really). He knows it’s a fantasy staple, but it’s so savory and he can feel the gristle and fat when he tries to chew it–no thank you.

6. how do they feel about music?

He loves music! It’s possible that he gave passing consideration to being a bard before remembering that being a wizard means that you get to STUDY. But he loves hanging around Johann and loves humming to music to stim.

7. what calms them down?

Reading his Caleb Cleveland: Kid Cop books, solving mysteries (or doing puzzle books when no mysteries are available), or curling up under his weighted blanket and having some alone time in his BoB bunk.

@patster223 requested #11-14 for the autistic character meme for Magnus so here are the answers!

11. how do they prefer to communicate? are they non verbal/have periods of being non verbal? do they use sign language? do they talk? do they prefer text, etc?
Magnus is typically pretty verbal, but when he’s extremely stressed he struggles with talking a little and would just prefer not to. I don’t think he knows sign language but he would love to learn. Another thing to do with his hands!

12. Is there any senses they struggle with particularly? (hearing, taste, etc)
I think hearing is Magnus’s biggest struggle. He gets overwhelmed by it most, but I also think he has auditory processing issues so even though he hears everything he can’t always understand it or process it right.

13. their special interests?
Carpentry. Dogs. Arms. His most recent one is being a rogue.

14. are they open about being autistic or do they prefer to keep it to themselves?
I think like a lot of things in Magnus’s life, he kind of assumed the way he acted was normal and didn’t question it for a long time, so he’s only recently understood himself as autistic. However I think he’s pretty open about it.

bravinto  asked:

autistic meme: Daredevil 8, 13, 19

I’ll do Matt Murdock!

8. Do they know they’re Autistic? if so when & how did they realise?

Realistically, I doubt that he knows. But, in my favorite headcanons, he figured it out in college, probably with the help of Foggy. Matt always knew there was something different about him, and between various mental health programs/advocacy on campus, his own research, and Foggy’s casual (re: strategic) mentioning of autism, he began to work out that that’s what it was.

13. their special interests?

Fighting, the law, Hell’s Kitchen, and Thurgood Marshall!

19. what would be their ideal happy place? 

I don’t know if Matt knows the answer to this question. I think he’s closest to happy when he’s crawling back into bed after a long night out fighting bad guys, and Foggy is waiting there to greet him.

thehorrorinsymmetry  asked:

omg that's a great series of asks 4 and 12 for taako and 7 and 13 for magnus?? or just some of them bc that ended up being a lot

For the autistic fictional character ask meme!


4. favourite foods & textures?

Taako loves spicy food and loves really crunchy things. If only the taco had been invented yet; alas, he has to make due with his own recipes. Heavily seasoned chicken is one he goes back to a lot.

12. Is there any senses they struggle with particularly? (hearing, taste, etc)

I think taste. It’s one of the reasons he started cooking with his aunt, because if he controlled the dishes being made, it was easy to make sure that they were things he could eat. I don’t think the Glamor Springs incident helped at all with his eating issues either (given that he can’t eat a whole Reese’s Cup at one time). :(


7. what calms them down?

A lot of the time Magnus will try fighting or sparring in order to calm down, and while it works sometimes, he’s just as liable to work himself up doing it too. A more effective method is for him to sit down and wood carve, especially in the pocket workshop where it’s nice and quiet.

13. their special interests? 

Woodworking and carpentry, animals, fighting, and, uh…arms. Look, arms can do so much and they all look so different and it’s just easy to get excited about them and it’s perfectly natural to have a collection of robot ones, okay!