Been busy.

Today I spent more time on campus than I have ever in my whole time at CSU thanks to ASCSU. I’m really excited to be apart of the Senate but it went on from 6:30 till 11:00. I have an appointment to get my blood drawn tomorrow for lyme testing at 8:00 in the morning because I have to fast. Unfortunately, I just found out that I don’t have my lab slip out here in Colorado. So I am waking up at 6:15 to call up the doctors in Maryland to see if they can hopefully fax the paperwork over.
So exhausted.
And tomorrow wont be any easier.

Starting to think I overbooked myself this year.


Berlinberg's budget approved

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Staff reporter Courtney Riley covered the Associated Students of CSU debate over President-elect Eric Berlinberg’s budget for next year.

The budget passed by a wide margin –– a critical step in working toward Berlinberg and Vice President-elect Rachel Roberson’s long list of campaign promises including improving RamRide, the university’s safe ride program.

- Jim

March 22

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Photo by Dylan Langille

ASCSU presidential candidate Beau Loendorf explains his campaign goals to senior mechanical engineering major Marek Stejskal outside the LSC Monday afternoon. With ASCSU campaigns officially beginning yesterday, many students got a first look at the four possible presidential and vice presidential choices.

Fort Collins Focus

Photo by Shane Weatherford

Sophmore mechanical engineering majors Dan Porter, left, Keaton Laden, center, and William Kelley inspect their project Monday afternoon. They will be taking their water powered device to Arkansas next week to represent CSU in the American Society of Mechanical Engineers student design competition.

Feature Photo

Photo by Dylan Langille

Junior education and human resource studies major Josh Madry, aka Black Prez, performs in front of the LSC Monday morning. Black Prez will be having a concert at CSU next Wednesday, March 30th.

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Photo by Dylan Langille

Junior mechanical engineering major Daniel Way makes origami cranes in the sunken lounge at the Lory Student Center Monday. 

CTV: ASCSU campaigns are underway, where to play beer pong

CTV: ASCSU campaigns are underway, where to play beer pong


CTV news will be following ASCSU election coverage over the next two weeks. On this episode of CTV, get an in depth look at candidates Chelsea Green and Kohl Webb. Also, why is there so much construction on Plum street? Plus, bi-weekly beer pong …

sherlockholmeboy replied to your photo: Still here.

Are you in a fake congress?

NOOO. I’m in a real student government, The Associated Students of Colorado State University that has all the branches of a real government and I am a senator for the College of Natural Resources and we are holding senate like in the real world but on school issues and it gets really heated and contentious like real national politics and I love it.