Fat Loss Foods

Are there really fat loss foods that can increase your metabolism? Yes! By eating the right foods, you are able to trick your system into burning through its extra fat. Here are a few of the tastiest and many convenient fat reducing foods you will find: Citrus and Ginger When you were young and you also felt flu developing, your mother probably said to adopt lots of vitamin c. Ascorbic acid is…

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Vitamin C crystals

As colder temperatures usher in winter, flu season swiftly follows, and many people reach for vitamin C to fend off cold and flu-like symptoms. However, supplementing diets with vitamin C has little effect on lowering the risk of getting a cold or reducing a cold’s duration. This doesn’t mean you should avoid vitamin C, because although we require it for growing and repairing tissues, our body is unable to make its own vitamin C. Severe vitamin C deficiency can cause scurvy, a disease where supportive tissues in the body break down and hemorrhage. Scientists have recently found that vitamin C affects whether genes are turned on or off inside developing mouse stem cells, which could provide improvements to in vitro fertilization and new avenues for cancer treatments.

Image by Spike Walker.

Health benefits of tangerines

As in oranges, Tangerines too are very low (53 calories/100 g) in calories. Nevertheless, they are valuable sources of flavonoid anti-oxidants like naringenin, naringin, hesperetin, vitamin A, carotenes, xanthins and luteins; in fact, several times higher than in the oranges.

In addition, the citrus fruits are very rich sources of vitamin-C (ascorbic acid), a water-soluble vitamin. Vitamin-C is one of the powerful natural anti-oxidant, which play vital role in collagen synthesis, wound healing, anti-viral, anti-cancer activity, and help prevent from neuro-degenerative diseases, arthritis, and cold/fever…etc., by removing oxidant-free radicals from the body. Vitamin C helps absorb iron in the food by reducing ferrous form of the iron elements to easily absorbing ferric form inside the gut.

Further, they contain natural soluble and insoluble fiber like hemi-cellulose, pectin…etc., which prevents cholesterol absorption in the gut. Adequate fiber in the food aids in smooth bowel movements by acting as a laxative.

Citrus fruits, as such, have long been valued for their wholesome nutritious and antioxidant properties. It is scientifically established fact that citrus fruits, especially oranges, by virtue of their richness in vitamins and minerals, have many proven health benefits. Moreover, it is now beginning to be appreciated that the other biologically active, non-nutrient compounds found in citrus fruits such as phyto-chemical antioxidants; soluble and insoluble dietary fibers play a vital role in reduction in the risk for cancers, many chronic diseases like arthritis, and from obesity and coronary heart diseases.


Grow Microgreens Without Soil

Often confused with “sprouts,” microgreens only comprise the above-ground parts of the plant, rather than everything from root to shoot.

My article, at Hobby Farms

Microgreens are nutritionally dense and space-saving versions of common edible crops, that can easily be cultivated without soil in even the most primitive of windowsill gardens. Often confused with “sprouts,” microgreens only comprise the above-ground parts of the plant, rather than everything from root to shoot. They are harvested one to two weeks after sowing, rather than after a few days, and are sown on a growing substrate.

Like sprouts, microgreens are eaten while in the early stages of a plant’s growth, but unlike sprouts, they have time and opportunity to take up nutrients from their substrate; thus, they can pack a more impressive nutritional and fibre punch. A study of 25 commercially available microgreens showed that when compared to mature leaves of the same plants, microgreens had significantly elevated levels of phytonutrients like carotenoids, ascorbic acids, and other assorted vitamins and antioxidants.

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