asch pls


It wasn’t unusual to see Asch beaming in the face. However in this situation, he was especially delighted. Once he realized that the realm had forgotten him, he began to question whether or not anything he had done in the past had actually happened. However, his encounter with Zanel the other day was the assurance he needed. It was as if Zanel himself was the anchor holding him to this new world. Without him, he feared he’d drift away and lose who he had been altogether. The last time they spoke, they went their separate ways. This time, though, Asch had questions to ask, stories to tell, feelings to convey. And he wanted Zanel there the entire time to listen. It was with an empty mind that Asch had decided to shackle himself to the White Mage. Though once the deed was done, there was naught he could do but deal with the consequences.

“I believe the sleeping arrangements can sort themselves out later, my friend. We’ve much to talk about,” he said while checking the locks on the door for the third time.

“Surely you understand my excitement in meeting a fellow Warrior of Light. Tell me, what have you been occupying yourself with, these last few days? Have you returned to the Maelstrom?”

Asch was far too excited for his own good, he was beginning to question if he could break this shackle off. It didn’t look that sturdy. Nonetheless, he paid attention as the man bombarded him with questions. He understood his excitement, he just didn’t share it.

“I’ve returned to the Maelstrom, though I don’t do as much work as I five years ago. As for what I’ve been doing..I spend most of my time in Mor Dhona helping with the Allag research.”

He stopped himself before he mentioned Nael, since he was someone the hyur spent a good amount of time around. Zanel had no idea how he might react to the news of Nael being back, and he didn’t feel like ending in prison for murder unless the Wandering Minstrel was there.

“Actually, you’ll be sleeping outside my room.”

It wasn’t that he didn’t want Asch in there, though that was one of the reasons, it was just that all of Nael’s possessions where in there and he rather the hyur not see them.

Though at first it didn’t faze him, looking back on the shackle, a grim thought popped into his head. “I’ve no idea what kind of weird kinks you’re into, but I am not doing anything.”