A Duel until Death, Fought Again Pt.2

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As the Yveltal parted to the skies a hurricane of wind picked up every grain of the ashen ground, kicking up a massive cloud of dark haze. Once the cloud finally cleared the Zoroark could hardly tell the bird from the cloudless night sky but finally caught sight of her as she reached the peak of her ascent. Winds seemed to fly from the tips of her wings as she started to return to him, her body turning over mid-air. An intimidating sight, a legend so massive about to come crashing down on you; but the Head Hunter stood his ground.

The Yveltal came feigned attacking from above but quickly swooped around to his side. The impact only audible as the cloud of ash and smoke returned.

Once vision cleared, both stood. The beast holding her at arms length, the ground not even scuffed as the claws at his feet kept his position locked down. Both shared a glare as if the both knew what move to make next, but shock covered the Zoroark’s. His strong arms started to weaken and bend and the Yveltal was overpowering him easier. Oblivion was near if he didn’t do something.

With a moment slight of hesitation flames shot from the beast’s mouth, covering the bird’s body. His claws scraped long cavities into the back of her wings as she backed away from his flames in haste. “And here I thought I would be able to keep my trump card.” The Yveltal didn’t respond as the thump of her wings quickened the pace of the gale. He covered his face with his bulky arm as dust and ash stuck to his fur. Though something else was hidden in the gale, winds sharp as a swords came from every pole. His eye twitched at the sight of one in the corner of his vision but it was too late. His sturdy legs were cut through and through as he howled in pain. Ash raining into his open maw as the gale echoed his pain.

The Yveltal approached the beast, his body already gathering ash as it fell. “I’ll not allow even luck to show you mercy this time.” She was about to ready herself for execution, but a weight fell on her back. The cold as if a blade was at her throat passed to her brain but for a moment before her own blood splashed through the Zoroark who merely vanished into the passing ash. She struggled to rid her opponent from his back, but his claws were deep. She tried calling out, taking a breath, but this only made blood rush from her throat faster. Until she fell.

The Zoroark freed his talons from his prey, he shook the longest ones on his hands of blood as his true opponent was heading this way. Why would he taint her blood with this… disappointment’s?

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Lobsang Rampa - Leaving the Body, “The Third Eye”, 1956.

Astral projection (or astral travel) is an interpretation of an out-of-body experience (OBE) that assumes the existence of an “astral body” separate from the physical body and capable of travelling outside it. Astral projection or travel denotes the astral body leaving the physical body to travel in an astral plane.
The idea of astral travel is rooted in common worldwide religious accounts of the afterlife in which the consciousness’ or soul’s journey or “ascent” is described in such terms as “an out-of body experience, wherein the spiritual traveller leaves the physical body and travels in his/her subtle body (or dreambody or astral body) into ‘higher’ realms.” It is frequently reported in association with dreams, and forms of meditation.

We’ve been looking at the wrong religion all along!

Okay I should totally be in bed right now but thanks to THIS tag it got the ball rolling on this amazing revelation.  Huge HUGE props go too @blake-wyatt and @agentcalliope and @jessiecrimefighter

And boy was this the gift that just kept on giving.   Okay so as the title says we’ve been looking at the wrong religion all along.  We have been trying to apply the themes of B mostly to Christianity, Satan, Jesus, Heaven, Hell…thanks a lot Paradise Lost….  In fact they have been leaving hints ALL SEASON that is the Mayan Mythology we need to be looking at! 

  • Fitz said that the Monolith was originally unearthed in the Yucatan
  • Hive version 1.0, the one that was put through the Kree Experiment could have very well been Mayan…who lived in the Yucatan.

Hive’s original body.

What some think the ancient Mayans looked like.

Still with me because buckle up this is where things get nuts.   The Mayans, like practically every other civilization had a God of Death.   And performed a VERY interesting sacrifice to this God. Under the thing due to length.

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