ascent of the murder

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Imagine Isaac hears some guys on the lacrosse team talking about you inappropriately so he sets them straight.

——— Request for anon ———

The more they went on, the angrier Isaac got. The repulsive things they would laugh about you, the lies they were spreading- he finally had enough. He stalked over to his fellow lacrosse players, rising to his full height as they noticed his ascent. His expression must have been positively murderous, because when he reached them they had gone dead silent.

“Do you know what happens to liars in some cultures?” his question was met with silence, “They get their tongues cut out.”

Ironically, he didn’t know if what he had just said was true or not, but it effectively made the boys scramble to leave the locker room. Isaac smirked, knowing they wouldn’t be talking about you again any time soon.


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