ascent of the a word

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Visions flooded his sight; a corpse, an awfully familiar corpse, hanging from the gates of Noxus. The very same sight he had seen upon his ascent of Mount Targon. The implications of the man’s words suddenly set in, and Taric could feel his gut lurch within him. Such a tremendous loss of life would be in order if he did not comply…

What was one man’s slight embarrassment over the lives of hundreds - if not thousands?

“I-I will absolutely not go with the second option.”

Taric could feel his face flush yet hotter with each passing second.

“But if… if that means telling you about… him… then I will comply.”

He hesitated before slightly elaborating upon his statement. Upon reaching the end of his sentence, he began to mumble.

“He’s… He’s a Demacian, and he doesn’t exactly care for me too much… Not anymore, at least.”

Super Strypi with the ORS-4 mission lifted off from the U.S. Navy’s Pacific Missile Range at 10:45 pm EST.

As seen above, shortly into ascent the animation of the rocket’s flight showed severe roll and tumbling. The video feed from the onboard cameras was then no longer visible.

It is unknown at this time if there was an actual issue with the launch or just a programming error with the animation. Usually, launch animations are preprogrammed and not actually fed by actual vehicle telemetry.

Reports from the ground noted that ascent of the first stage looked normal; however, there is still no official word from mission control and a radio blackout is in affect, implying some sort of contingency plan could have been implemented.

We are awaiting official updates.