▲ Happy Lion’s Gate! LION’S GATE STARGATE - A portal of new energy comes in every year on this special numerology date. As our world is ruled by numbers, it’s important to note 8 is the energy of rebirth and harmony. It is the 8th chakra the fully risen kundalini, it is also a number of infinity, abundance and power. If you’re like myself you have been feeling your solar plexus and heart center being activated at this time. You may be going through a healing within these areas or you may even be having a lot of victim stories or limitations leaving you. This Lion’s gate portal will be showing us how to unify the heart-mind connection. The Biggest thing I’ve seen come up is we may suddenly experience more ascension symptoms as the influx of new energy continuously keeps coming up. It may feel like downloads/upgrades or having center energy centers literally activated. I’ve had this bizarre experience of revisiting my Chakra work and WOW this is very apparent so start to pay attention to see which areas are being brought up and activated right now. #lionsgate #awakening #lightwork #energyshift #integrating #indigochildren #kundalini #divinefeminine #lionsgateportal #spiritualawakening #ascensionsymptoms