ascension games

SURVIVE the zombie hordes ALONE
or COOPERATIVELY. repel wave after wave of
increasingly DEADLY zombies in a number of frightening locales. 

BUT BE WARNED: there are more than just 
zombies lurking these dark hallways...

For auction, my World of Darkness original art published in the 1996 Mage the Ascension book Technocracy: VOID ENGINEERS.  Probably my single favorite piece I drew for White Wolf Game Studio back in the day.  It’s 12x16 inches, ink on Bristol paper.

More pics on the auction page.

i think its time we remember that earth is our playground.

we chose to be born here in this time for a very specific purpose.

within this illusion.

you chose earth because of this process of ascension.

because earth is at the center of it all.

because You all are truly Light Warriors.

You chose earth.

because only here can we create Heaven by being able to transmute the dark. only we can restore balance to the whole Universe.

its time we remember. that we chose the exact experiences we are living through right now. all of our created heavens and hells.

we all go back to oneness if we want.

you have total free will.

but you chose to play the role of a Warrior.

Through us on Earth, we can restore the balance of Light and Dark throughout the whole Universe.

But only if you choose to wake up from your slumber, from your comfortable position of playing this human role.

only if you choose to love your darkness, your shadow as an aspect of yourself.

It’s time to wake up God.

the most important thing to understand about the world of darkness is that everything is jerks.

vampires is jerks.  werewolves is jerks.  mages is jerks.  changelings is jerks.  mummies is jerks.  kuei-jin is double jerks.  gurahl is jerks.  salubri is jerks.  hunters is jerks.  that wall over there?  jerks.  that taxicab driver?  such a jerk.  your character?  the biggest jerk of them all.

it’s jerks all the way down.

Third-Partystravaganza 5: Vanguard (Base Class; Ascension Games)

Last time we talked about a crafter class that theoretically can add constructs to their arsenal. Today, however, we’ll be looking at a class, by Ascension Games, that specializes in construct allies.

The name vanguard applies to these tinkerers specifically due to their focus on having a collection of allies waiting in the wings that they have personally built. Standing as a sort parallel to the summoner class, these mystics are defined by their connection to their construct ally, and by their ability to augment and support them, not to mention create others.

Whether it be a natural spark for invention and magical engineering or something else, vanguards are spellcasters in their own right, though their spells revolve mostly around transmutation and effects that target metal and other non-living substances, though they also have their share of attack effects, particularly fire and lightning.

Though many do learn to craft other constructs, all of these engineers boast a fully intelligent construct companion that is something of a pet project of theirs, constantly being refined and upgraded. More a friend and ally than a mere machine, these beings are fully capable of independent thought. Furthermore, they can be modified to integrate weapons and armor into their bodies, concealing even magical weaponry inside their arms to be extended and used when needed.

Over time, the vanguard adds all sorts of augmentations to their companion to improve their abilities. What’s more, they also build up a pool of energy they can channel into their mechanical friend to boost these augmentations for greater effect, most often projecting an aura that grants a similar ability to nearby allies.

With their magic tied to material form so strongly, they also learn to store spells in weapons or allies or later use, casting them when condition require them to be necessary, or unleashing them on a successful strike.

Naturally, their training can often include knowledge of how to build many different types of magic items, or even training in teamwork maneuvers, which they can use freely with their companion.

Over time their abilities only improve, allowing them to modify and change augmentations, improve how they imbue spells, and even establish a perfect psychic link with their companions.

Interested in a construct-focused character that doesn’t have to wait till mid-level to gain construct allies? This is certainly a good place to start. You could build them as item-creators, turning gold into useful items, support casters that turn their allies into deadly juggernauts, or even have them fight alongside their constructs.

Since it’s a significant proportion of the vanguard’s own magical essence that fuels their construct ally, it only makes sense that they take on aspects and quirks of personality reminiscent of their creator. Of course, that doesn’t mean that they are necessarily agreeable, since the aspects they take on might not be parts of the vanguard that they like, or are personable. I dunno, maybe it’s the fact this class reminds me a bit of K2SO from Rogue One.


A young man and his animate armor companion have been spotted in libraries and mystic ruins recently, specifically seeking out the lore of a forgotten, magically advanced people. If confronted, both become close-lipped about their goal and the details of their history.

Recently a metal man has appeared in Erdants, picking up supplies for a master it claims has recently settled in the area and will introduce herself formally soon. However, those who have attempted to follow, or more foolishly, attack the construct have discovered the potency of the hand culverin built into its arm, as well as its seemingly limitless ammunition.

Oodena’s tower is filled with all sorts of clockwork creations, including her favorite, a clockwork named Rusty. While most of her designs are curiosities and labor, she has in the past been associated with military projects, including her current one, a powerful clockwork dragon that she may or may not be being coerced into making.