hnnng reverse demonstuck.

the alp demon to me seems really interesting because they climb onto sleepers chests through their windows and give them nightmares.

i wondered how feeding would work, and i guess because they might be related in genus to incubi they might almost kiss out the fear in reverse cpr.

john would be an alp, what with the ability to change into windy whispery smoke ad an incredibly pranky disposition. poor dave wouldn’t know what hit him.

what if fear glowed in alp-vision?

accompanying optional rp

also no prizes for guessing what dave has nightmares about

back to the future esque au
dave accidentally hops back in time to like 1989 or something somehow and meets his own bro as a teenager
cue realisation that his bro is actually a SUPER HUGE GAY ANIME NERD
cue, in an odd twist of personality, dirk ending up hero worshipping this mysterious futuristic “dave” with his “eyephone” and his “dupstep”
cue lots of humorous SLASH touching dramatic irony like “sure i’ll play pong with you bro. i mean broski. abroham lincoln. broseidon and abrollo. haha definitely not brother”
any takers