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Jupiter Jones was due to get her eggs harvested right before all the plot shit happens in Jupiter Ascending, (and by “right before” I mean “was on the damn operating table”) and I don’t know much about egg harvesting, but I do know you have to take fertility drugs and shit for like a month prior, you don’t just walk into the clinic and say “Take my eggs, doc.”

All of which is to say that Jupiter is probably a frothing cocktail of hormones throughout the movie and I’m surprised she didn’t crack Balem in half over her knee.

cool facts abt bees bc im all excited abt them now

  • most bees are solitary; the only social bees are european honeybees and the stingless social bees native to australia and south america (see previous post)
  • theyre technically called “eusocial” because theyre not just social in the sense that they aggregate together, which many insects do, but because they have cross-generational stratified social systems with rigidly-divided labour and reproductive activities. there are RULES yo
  • the only other eusocial insects are ants, which belong to the same taxonomic order as bees and wasps; and termites, which belong to the same order as the cockroaches
  • so it’s accurate to say that “bees and ants are social wasps” and “termites are social cockroaches” which is cool to me for some reason
  • eusocial insects communicate to each other using INTENSELY complex pheromone systems ie. they talk to each other using smells
  • e.g. an alarm pheromone released by a scared bee is what tells all her bee friends to come form a swarm of death
  • ants and bees both use haplodiploid sex determination mechanisms, whereby the females have 2 sets of chromosomes and the males only have 1
  • the way this works is: the queen can decide which sex of offspring to produce based on whether or not she fertilises her eggs. females are produced from fertilised eggs, and have genes from both the queen and her mate; males are produced from unfertilised eggs, so ONLY have their mother’s genes (and only half of them)
  • yes it’s true that only female bees do any work. the males (drones) literally just sit in the hive and do. nothing. i dont know why evolution did this. 
  • same for ants actually. all the ants in antman should have been female but what can u expect from the mcu amirite
  • i lie when i say that males do nothing because there is one (1) important event in their life and that is: going on an Epic Icarian Journey vertically up into the sky to discover which of them will be the Chosen One and win the heart (chromosomes) of the princess
  • by which i mean: when she’s ready to mate, the princess leaves the hive and flies upwards into the sky. all the males follow her. she keeps flying up and up and up as the males fall away one by one and the last male still flying beside her wins and becomes the father of the new hive. then he dies
  • (cool but irrelevant fact abt termites: in termites the male doesnt die,but stays on to live in the nest. this gives termite colonies both a king and a queen. animorphs lied to u im so sorry)
  • only female bees can sting because the sting is formed from a modified ovipositor (the egg-laying organ). males don’t have it so they cant sting
  • having said that, most bees WONT sting (in fact pretty much only honeybees will, though the fun part of that is that their stings also happen to be barbed and envenomated so they really make it count)
  • most of the native australian bees (which are the only ones i really know about) won’t sting you unless really really really scared, and the social ones literally can’t because their stings evolved to be useless for,, whatever reason. they can still bite, but it’s really just annoying more than painful. however they do somehow know to go for the eyes and nose which i can testify to from personal experience
  • we do have a date for the evolution of eusocial bees (i cant remember the exact number but i think it was sometime in the triassic??) whatever the cool part is how they discovered it, because as u can imagine it would be pretty difficult to find explicit fossil evidence of a group of bees living together in a rigidly-stratified generationally-overlapping labour- and reproductively-divided social system
  • OR so we thought because,,, the very fact of bees living together brings about morphological changes. specifically, the abdomen of worker bees will be smaller, compared to the abdomens of solitary female bees, because workers dont have to lay eggs. they have queens for that
  • so essentially: the way we got the earliest current date for the evolution of eusociality is,, someone found a tiny bee fossilised in amber, with a tiny sting (so we know its female) and a tiny abdomen (so we know she couldnt lay eggs)
  • hence: social bee

I am really sorry about how your son died, I really am. But you know that this is no way to honor his memory.

You just saved my life.

Put the gun down. Please.


ya know wat? YA KNOW WAT??? All this love, drama, and love drama is making me wanna draw some SHIP ART!

*points to @radbendy and @ask-showstopper-bendy dramatically*

*sWings finger to @askdaddybendy and @ask-littlebendy*

*finger guns towards @asksmolbendy and @bindy-bum*

and as for u……

*points towards @genderbendyandtheinkmachine and myself*
……u can bet ur tush that ther will be savage mom x fuzzy dad ship art -w-

NOW. as for when im gonna FINISH EM…..


Lmao i have no frikin idea–

Peter x Reader: Reunited

Prompt/ask: Anonymous asked: You should do a Peter x Reader one where they’re both so mad at each other, they end up making out kinda like the argument he and Cas had in PC when returning from Miraz’ castle.

Word count: 701

Warnings: Slight angst 

Setting: Golden Age

When the small creaking of the gates being opened sounded through the castle, you knew who it was almost instantly. Everyone did.

You set your book by the windowsill calmly, rising from your seat. 

You were delighted yet justifiably infuriated by the return of Peter Pevensie. In the months Peter had been away, not a single letter arrived on the steps of Cair Paravel. Not a single word or reassurance that your husband-to-be was still alive. 

But the sound of heavy footsteps now ascending the marble stairs disproved your worries-while simultaneously making your anger surge.

 A small knocking came from your chamber door, just as you had expected.

 As you turned your head reluctantly, the deep blue eyes of Peter Pevensie met your own. A smile formed on his lips instantly. He set his crown on the mantle above the small fireplace by the door without hesitation, not breaking eye contact.

Peter’s smile slowly began to fade as he became aware of the look on your face. He parted his lips, almost in pain, and let out a small sound that sounded vaguely like  “I’m sorry.” He straightened his shoulders.


You shook your head, a small buildup of tears beginning to form in your eyes, partly from relief and partly from frustration. 

How could you?” You uttered in the softest of tones. “I thought…we all thought…” 

“Well, I’m here, aren’t I?” Peter said, almost casually, his smile appearing again as he took a step towards you. 

“Yes Peter, you are. You’re here, and yet-” You paused to let out a small, harsh laugh, “You aren’t really here at all.”

 Peter looked puzzled.

 “You know,” You began in a cold tone, taking a few steps towards him as your anger built up, “When none of us heard from you, your brother began to think about planning a memorial.” Your expression stiffened as you saw Peter looking confused as ever. 

“Well?” You inquired, almost in a shout, as if waiting for Peter’s response. He said nothing, but you could see him starting to get more frustrated himself. You shook your head violently, taking a sharp breath. “What were we supposed to think when you didn’t send a sign? When you didn’t contact us? What were we supposed to think when you, Peter, specifically told us to start worrying only after six weeks had passed without hearing from your army?” 

Peter opened his mouth to speak, but you interrupted almost instantly. “I have been waiting for you for 16 bloody weeks, Peter Pevensie!” You yelled, a sob making your voice crack slightly. 

“I was at Battle, for Aslan’s sake!” Peter exclaimed finally, his tone rising above your own. “What did you want me to do-write little letters to home every day? Oh yeah, let me jot down a little summary of my day as I plan the attack on countless neighboring regions!”

“Well then maybe you shouldn’t have promised me a letter!”

 Peter started taking short strides towards you now, fuming with each step. “Why are you so eager to see me after all? You have my brother to satisfy your needs, don’t you?” You saw a small tear running down his hollowed cheek as the anger continued to build in both of you. “Why wouldn’t you just forget about me, when you believed I was gone?” 

You growled lowly, your anger mixing with sobs of relief and sadness. You had finally had enough. As if by instinct, the two of you suddenly had your arms at the other’s waist. 

Without another word, Peter was leading you to the large oakwood wardrobe in the center of the room, pushing you against it in the most delicate yet passionate way. You could feel the intricate designs carved into the wood on your back as Peter’s hands rested at your side.

 Neither of you knew what was happening, but all you felt was a pair of cold, rough lips against your own and a stabilizing hand at your waist. And suddenly, all at once, every sense of anger you felt was replaced by pure relief to have Peter back, to feel those lips against yours yet again.

You had to admit, you missed your King.


so it begins

I had a great time at HVFF! Robin Lord Taylor really does radiate sunshine, even from a distance. Whenever I looked over at him at his table (and I did that a lot) he was always smiling or hugging a fan or listening so intensely to what they were saying. He was so energetic and smiley and happy <3 Even though his queue was huge, he had time for every fan! I’m so excited to meet him tomorrow!

John Barrowman was there, and he sang on stage, in drag! It was amazing. I got a small video, and I can still hardly believe it. Me and @edngyma were around the stage on two separate occasions, and we saw John Barrowman really near us twice! He didn’t see us (thank goodness) but I can’t believe he was so close ^_^

Drew Powell was an absolute angel. I got his autograph and we had an awesome chat about Butch and Fish’s relationship after Fish came back to life, and what he thinks about her now. It was a really interesting conversation, and I loved having the chance to talk to him :) Also, he called me cute, and I just died???

Bode Confidence Spell

You may not be an overweight cat, but you can love your body and possibly ascend into memehood. Now, you too can be BODE.

What You’ll Need~

  • Picture of bode cat (printed)
  • A small offering (food, cat toy, catnip, donation to animal shelter, etc.)
  • Pen

Ya’ll are set man, I make simple spells.


  1. Print out your cat picture.
  2. On the back write: bode cat bless me to be bodacious.
  3. After doing this be prepared to deploy your offering. If it is a cat toy or catnip give it to your cat. If you have money to spare you could mail or hand in a donation to a pet shelter or animal charity.
  4. This picture of a bode cat is your little communication portal to the magic that be. Tell it that this your offering, and you are putting what you have out there as an offering, in exchange for some of your own bode.
  5. Complete.


  • You can burn the cat photo when you are done. It’s fine. Make sure to thank it and tell it that you are satisfied once this is over.
  • Please keep in mind that IDK what deities you do or do not believe in. This photo of a cat is acting as a way to communicate your desires with the world.