ascend now

  • Someone: *leaves a nice tag on my art*
  • Me: I would die 4 u
  • Someone: messaged me abt my characters or abt my art
  • Me: I Will die 4 u
  • Someone: draws me something
  • Me: I AM dead and now ascended to the next level of existence and will now watch over you and smite those who wrong you

I am really sorry about how your son died, I really am. But you know that this is no way to honor his memory.

You just saved my life.

Put the gun down. Please.

Jupiter Jones was due to get her eggs harvested right before all the plot shit happens in Jupiter Ascending, (and by “right before” I mean “was on the damn operating table”) and I don’t know much about egg harvesting, but I do know you have to take fertility drugs and shit for like a month prior, you don’t just walk into the clinic and say “Take my eggs, doc.”

All of which is to say that Jupiter is probably a frothing cocktail of hormones throughout the movie and I’m surprised she didn’t crack Balem in half over her knee.

Bode Confidence Spell

You may not be an overweight cat, but you can love your body and possibly ascend into memehood. Now, you too can be BODE.

What You’ll Need~

  • Picture of bode cat (printed)
  • A small offering (food, cat toy, catnip, donation to animal shelter, etc.)
  • Pen

Ya’ll are set man, I make simple spells.


  1. Print out your cat picture.
  2. On the back write: bode cat bless me to be bodacious.
  3. After doing this be prepared to deploy your offering. If it is a cat toy or catnip give it to your cat. If you have money to spare you could mail or hand in a donation to a pet shelter or animal charity.
  4. This picture of a bode cat is your little communication portal to the magic that be. Tell it that this your offering, and you are putting what you have out there as an offering, in exchange for some of your own bode.
  5. Complete.


  • You can burn the cat photo when you are done. It’s fine. Make sure to thank it and tell it that you are satisfied once this is over.
  • Please keep in mind that IDK what deities you do or do not believe in. This photo of a cat is acting as a way to communicate your desires with the world.

so it begins


Rochelle & Adelaide.


lol is anybody else like dead bc of Sarah Weichel rn or

Eddy's abbs are cursed y'all

First it was Jupiter Ascending and now this:

A scene was filmed with a shirtless Newt Scamander, which showed off all the scars he had collected on his body during his work with dangerous animals. Eddie Redmayne had worked out considerably before filming, just for that one scene. However, unfortunately for him, the scene was deleted from the final print.


I love dogs. I’ve always loved dogs.