Sadie Elizabeth Holloway class of 1915 was an important part of the inspiration behind her husband William Marston’s Wonder Woman.  Author and historian Jill Lepore conducted research in our very own Archives and Special Collections for her new book The Secret History of Wonder Woman.  She says about Holloway:


Sadie Holloway had wide-set blue eyes and stood five feet flat.  She was stern and stoic and tight-lipped.  At Mount Holyoke she tied her long, dark, wavy hair on top of her head, like a Gibson girl.  She wore lacy white dresses that fell to her ankles; she rolled the sleeves up past her elbows.  She joined the debating society, the Philosophy Club, the Baked Bean Club, the choir.  She worked for the Student magazine, the Mount Holyoke.  She was bold; she was unflinching: she played field hockey (Lepore, 17).


Jill Lepore will be here today (!), November 19 at 7pm in Hooker Auditorium.

Martin Luther King, Jr. :: Archives & Special Collections Digital Images :: 1963

An unusual view of the audience who heard the RevMartin Luther King preach at an outdoor service in the amphitheater on October 201963.