So we now have all the songwriting credits for ‘Harry Styles’ - 

  • 7 tracks written by Harry, Tyler, Mitch, Jeff, Alex, and Ryan.
  • Carolina written by all the above and Kid Harpoon
  • Sweet Creature written by Harry and Kid Harpoon
  • Two Ghosts written by Harry, Julian Bunetta, John Ryan, Tyler & Mitch (probably the song Harry referred to as being written years ago)

[edited 6 to 7 because I was causing confusion by leaving out Sign Of The Times!]

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The song credits of Harry's songs are now on BMI :) interesting cause two are missing: Sweet Creature, Two Ghosts. According to the other 7 (and SOTT ofc) it's always been the same group of Jamaica writers / producers! So I think it's safe to say these aren't the song he wrote three years ago. So it either has to be SC or TG, right? 👍🏻👀

Looks like it!  And neither Sweet Creature or Two Ghosts are listed on ASCAP either, so either they aren’t listed at all yet, or the writers and publishers are all GRO, SEASAC, or PRS.


Beyoncé won 3 more awards at the 2017 American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publisher Awards! (ASCAP) These awards are for Hold Up, Sorry, and Formation, respectively.

Beyoncé has won a total of 18 out of 18 ASCAP Pop Music Awards!

Beyoncé has also won a total of 24 out of 24 ASCAP Rhythm & Soul Music Awards!

She has won this award for Songwriter of the Year, Most performed Song, Award Winning Hip-Hop / R&B Song, Top Soundtrack Song of the Year, and more for massive songs, including but not limited to Independent Women, Survivor, Crazy In Love, Get Me Bodied, Halo, Single Ladies, Love On Top, Drunk In Love, Partition, and most recently, Hold Up, Sorry, and Formation, just to name a few.

Congratulations Beyoncé and everyone else who was nominated and won for being an award winning songwriter! You are all talented <3

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A song written by Louis called 'back to you' is on bmi and ascap... I don't know if it's new. Do you?? I wonder if it's his next single, but Bebe Rexha isnt one of the writers... I assumed she wrote on it as well, but maybe not. One of the writers is the guy from digital farmers so maybe that's just the single he wrote with them, but not his next single...

We’ll see what happens with it.


What a night! I was honestly a bit nervous and excited (well seeing that I was rooting for Wander’s nominations). So here are my overall thoughts.

Best Animated TV/Broadcast Production for Children: ADVENTURE TIME

Best Directing for a TV/Broadcast Production: PEARL by Patrick Osborne

Best Character Design for a TV/Broadcast Production: TROLLHUNTERS - Victor Maldonado, Alfredo Torres and Jules Rigolle


Ouch! Well, so much for trying to sway more on Wander since it’s still cancelled. Well, I guess Disney doesn’t want to bring it back just because it lost all of the Annies.


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I don’t think it’s that over, Wander fans. Remember, just because we lost doesn’t mean it’s the end of the world. It’s alright that it lost to these three other noteworthy shows that do have much hard work like ours.

Trollhunters getting a few wins seemed a first for a Netflix series (well okay it’s made by DreamWorks Animation, and Anton Yelchin’s death did build its own support system), plus Pearl’s Directing win was pretty obvious since they thought he had much bigger creative juices in exploring different formats including Google Spotlight Stories. And as for Adventure Time, I guess animators and artists liked the more experimental episodes nowadays since it had a stop-motion bit that felt funny and well-crafted (correct me if I’m wrong). So congrats to them, and be sure to thank them and support their works too!

And the MOST important thing to also remember: Disney doesn’t care whether their shows or films win an award or not (but at least a win does boast extra recognition, hence why they focus more on their films like Zootopia and Moana than their animated shows). And Wander Over Yonder NOT winning any of them DOESN’T affect their thoughts on whether it’s still noteworthy to revive based on the wins. They can only decide by the influence of its MONEY, REVENUES, RATINGS, SOCIAL MEDIA BUZZ, and CHANGE OF MANAGMENT if any exec is interested in Wander and the creator as well.

Let’s not forget some things here:

The Annie Awards (as well as many Award Shows) are just a popularity contest, not a big factor in the studios and execs’ thoughts on what to do with these works that get many wins or have none at all. They do however use the wins to boast publicity and morale to the studio and company, but not necessarily on whether to bring it back or not. The money is what the companies expect the most above everyone else. Whether the show makes lots of revenue, they would pay attention to secondary support (the fans, the buzz, etc.). But if not, they know they got other shows to fill in unless something of a financial/big support buzz shows up through mails and petitions plus purchases that they may reconsider a bit.

So Wanderers, don’t let these loses turn you down from continuing to #SaveWOY. And please DON’T send inappropriate comments/messages to the winning artists/animators and shows just because they beat Wander. They’re in the same boat in making animated shows just like the Wander crew as they are into other shows in the meantime. Instead, give them a kudos to their hard work and also support them if you want to.

So let’s move on from the Annies, enjoy the other parts that you may have had a blast seeing one of your favorite shows or films win at least an Annie. Or that their nominations are actually much more than just a waiting list.

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And let’s continue our efforts to #SaveWOY for the many days, months, and years to come!

But hey, at least Wander still won 3 Annies throughout its original run, including The Breakfast!



“Back To You” - written by Louis Tomlinson with Elizabeth Blanchard (Clean Bandit, Jess Glynne, Galantis), Richard Boardman (Delphic), Pablo Bowman (Rudimental), and Nicholas Gale (Digital Farm Animals), registered on ASCAP and BMI