Wyatt: Well, I’ve gone back to being a personal trainer. Nothing too glamorous, just the same old, same old. We all know Yadira’s been banging Prelude–

Yadira: Um, I’ve also been getting ready to start my new job at the cafe. King started a few weeks ago!

Wyatt: Huh? Oh, right, you guys won the job with that cooking challenge, right? I thought you both would have started by now.

Yadira: Well – it turns out there was only one job opening, so they had to pull some strings with a family friend to get me a job at another cafe…

Violet: [scoff] I don’t believe this. The show’s over and you’re still getting special treatment just because you’re sleeping with the host!


Nocturne: Speaking of dancing, how about it?

Ascal: [laughing] I don’t really dance. Or go to places like this. Ever.

Nocturne: Me, either, but my brother’s insisting we’re all here, so… when in Rome, right?

Ascal: Fair enough! Gotta warn you though, I’ve got two left feet.

Nocturne: Same, but that’s what makes it fun, right?

Ascal: [laughing] If you say so!

Nocturne: All right, well – I’m heading out onto the dance floor, I guess, so if anyone else wants to come, that’d be great, so I’m not looking like a dumbass out there by myself…