If you’re at #asburyparkboardwalk go to the Market on 5th. I’m showing some of my work there at the @parlorgallery pop up. This one if @marlomarquise is on display. #art #contemporary #asburypark #parlorgallery #jerseyshore
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“When I got out of prison I had no place to live so I ended up on the streets. I have a son but he lives out in California and I haven’t told him I’m homeless. He has his own life and is starting his own family and I don’t want to be a burden to him.”

“For me it’s been a real struggle with alcohol. I’ve worked in construction all my life but I keep losing jobs because I can’t stay sober. I’ve gone to rehab and gotten cleaned up but I always go back to drinking. I have brothers and parents and they are somewhat a support. But they want me to want to help myself and I just can’t seem to do that.”

“What’s the hardest thing about being homeless out here?”

“The cops are always chasing us. We just want a place to sit and relax for a little bit. When there was a snowstorm a few weeks ago, a patrolman told us we could go stay warm in the lobby of the police station. We were there for maybe a half hour before they kicked us out into the freezing cold snow. We can’t stay on park benches, we can’t doze off or we’ll get ticketed… It’s really hard. We’re not hurting anybody, we’re not doing anything wrong… But the cops won’t leave us alone.”

“What’s the sweetest thing he’s ever done for you?”

“One time we had gotten into a fight and he showed up at my house at 2 in the morning with flowers.”

“What’s the sweetest thing she’s ever done for you?”

“She bought me all my favorite things for me - a case of beer and peanut butter cups and a bunch of other stuff. We weren’t fighting or anything and it was just out of the blue.”

(them) “Can we take an action shot?”

(me) “Sure go ahead do whatever you want!”

(They do these awesome jumps)

“Tell me about the craziest thing you guys have done together.”

(him) “Well we’re best friends. We’re both substance abuse counselors for kids and every night after work we’d go out to the parking lot and take a bunch of crazy fun pictures to celebrate the end of the day. Well one night my pants split while we were doing this. So she got behind me and stuck both hands and a foot in there and basically ripped my pants off of me. It made a really great photograph. It’s also kind of appropriate for you to take one last crazy photograph of us together now because I’m moving to Malaysia next week.”

“If you could give your daughter one piece of advice based on your life experiences, what would it be?”

“Be ok with who you are.”

“Was that something you struggled with?”

“Yes. Being a first generation Chinese-American, it was hard for me to figure out where I fit in and be ok with myself. I worry because my daughter is mixed and I want her to be ok with herself despite any discrimination she may encounter because of it.”

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