Tales of Graces Progress Report #4

Not much to note, really. Other than the minor things that I forgot to mention in the last one.

First off, that kamikaze by Hubert’s cousin (forgot his name) came out of left field. I had no idea how to react to that. It was pretty stupid. How did someone like him get to be second in line for Hubert’s position?

Also, the scene where Cheria finally gives in to Asbel was touching, to say the least. Asbel continues to succeed after all his failures thus far, and Cheria also has a legitimate reason for being mad at him. All of her friends left her at such a young age, there was a large hole in her heart that took a lot longer to mend as it happened to her as a child. I don’t know why she didn’t make new friends, but hopefully we’ll learn more later on. The whole holding hands thing was a little much though, but maybe Cheria always wanted to do that.

Other than that, nothing really eventful happened. I walked through the desert, got my butt kicked in the first encounter on the field, played Magic Carta (where I can’t wait to get a complete deck for.), and got eaten by the Rockgagong. Looks like we’ve found our pace after those dynamic scenes.

“Let’s search for the butt, Cheria. It’s the only way.” Gosh dang it, Sophie’s killing me. XD