i’ve never mailed a friend something before.

not even for christmas

so i’m excited to send chelsea something for  even though idk what im getting that bitch yet :/

The mother of my mom’s best friend is a retired Delta employee, and she has this thing called the buddy pass where she gets half off the plane ticket.

And she says that I can use that when I buy my ticket for when I fly to Ohio to meet Chelsea in September.

My mom used that to fly to Florida and she only paid 89 round trip, so I would be paying like that much, or maybe a little more to fly to Ohio, round trip.


I am so stoked <3333

dang all i can really think about lately is chillin with chelsea for a few days.

i smile so hard at the idea of it because its going to be awesome and pure and i need that in my life

^ lol

i can’t wait for the 29<3