The Devil You Know Podcast - Episode 39 is up and running!

John H Shaw and Dorian Grey talk about The Wonderful World of Weighty Women – The 18th Segment of “The Law of Gyps” with Gyps Fulvus – Special Guest – Asatru Chieftain Vince Enlund!

Listen now if you’ve ever ridden a moped!

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Just a gentle reminder

If you’re a Norse heathen and believe that “race mixing” is bad

  • remember that many of the gods are born from interracial pregnancies between the Aesir, Vanir, and Jotunns.

If you’re a Norse heathen and are transphobic or homophobic

  • remember that many of the gods will alter their forms drastically, the most notable being Loki changing into mare and being impregnated by a male horse, and later giving birth to Sleipnir

If you’re a Norse heathen and fascist

  • remember that vikings were largely democratic and would regularly hold votes to decide legal matters, and were incredibly accepting of other cultures

I have just been shown possibly the greatest website for witches or book lovers in my life today and it’s called and it has over 1500 free downloadable e books on occult, pagan, and witchcrafty topics from centuries of publishing, including all books by aleister Crowley, h.p. lovecraft, dozens of books on fairies, free spell books, Aradia gospel of the witches, several versions of the Edda both prose and poetic and so so much more. So please check it out if you like occult and pagan literature or even just mysteries. I’ve been on it for hours and can vouch that nothing has happened to my phone and they all open up in my Kindle app.


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