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At Summerland 2016, we set out to ask a bunch of Druids, “What is it you love about ADF?” Rev. Avende bounced around with her iPhone and collected as many statements from as many Druids as she could in a half-hour period on Saturday, and the results are a fantastic cross-section of our members answering that question.

This is a project curated by Three Cranes Grove, ADF, seeking to advance the Spirit of ADF, our shared work and joy as Druids. If you want to be in a future installment, record a 20-30 second answer to the question, "What do you love about ADF?” and shoot us a link to it at We’ll take a look and add it to the queue!

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You know what would be so nice?

To have a local pagan temple where anyone could come and worship. Like with lil shrines for different paths like a Wiccan shrine, a Kemetic shrine, an Asatru shrine, maybe even a lil jinja if you have a Kannushi/Miko who could probably maintain it. And each path has an expert there to perform rituals and give classes on paganism and different paths

And there’d be books an altar supplies availible for sale there and lots of donation classes on paths and other things like yoga and meditation and ecstatic dance and reiki and tarot and all kinds of things. 

Just a place for pagans and whoever else wants to to come and have a space to pursue being spiritual and just have a place to breathe away from every day life. 

That would be so nice

“But Vikings had long hair and beards!”

Well, yes and no. Northern Europeans of late antiquity and the early Middle Ages had extremely stylized hairdos, well-groomed facial hair, and many were scrupulously clean. We know this because, at that time, the Catholic Church taught that bathing was a sin and contemporary science believed that being wet spread disease, so the sinful, scandalous behavior of the sweet-smelling fabulous Heathens is well documented.

Didn’t fucking nobody have no neckbeard or no nasty white-people dreadlocks.

Calm down, put stainless-steel sword away, and go take a damn shower.

I mean, shit, son

No goddess is obligated to be soft.

Freyja, goddess of love and war,

With broad arms and shoulders rippled

By both muscle and scars–

Breaks the backs, the skulls, the bones

The will of her foes;

As surely as her lovers’ hearts.


Skathi’s cold face is impassive,

To any unwelcome hail.

Her icy glare cuts deep

As a freezing Northern gale.

Her cold fury, surely as her arrow

Will pierce the heart of any man

Should in his arrogance he dare

Tell her

To smile.