Anonymous said:
Will you continue yellow morning?

Weeps hello!! ; <> ; ) It will continue! //// but the things I have to offer are difficult to understand if the premise isn’t explained;
I’m sorry … what’s public is still a strange shoko mess between paddy and I (but at least I think her attempts to explain the story are much clearer than mine)

here’s something I scrawled a little while ago when I was thinking of them : ) ;;;;;;;;; I’m a little embarrassed it was a bit of a rushed effort

> If you’d rather read it as a scroll, you can find it here (otherwise risks forever strange resizing


Haikyuu!! Series: #3 Kageyama and Hinata (3rd Year)

Artist: JBadgr


This whole ‘not having to teach for a week and being able to draw vball boys all day long’ thing is pretty awesome. Here are my favorite muffins in their 3rd year. I hope you guys like them!

Any suggestions for the next characters in the series? I’m thinking Asahi and Nishi… not even sure if any followers like the series :{


Haikyuu!! Series: #1 Bokuto and Kuroo #2 Oikawa #4 Asashi and Nishinoya #5 Sugawara and Daichi #6 The Tanakas #7 Bokuto