Anonymous said:
Will you continue yellow morning?

Weeps hello!! ; <> ; ) It will continue! //// but the things I have to offer are difficult to understand if the premise isn’t explained;
I’m sorry … what’s public is still a strange shoko mess between paddy and I (but at least I think her attempts to explain the story are much clearer than mine)

here’s something I scrawled a little while ago when I was thinking of them : ) ;;;;;;;;; I’m a little embarrassed it was a bit of a rushed effort

> If you’d rather read it as a scroll, you can find it here (otherwise risks forever strange resizing

haikyuu minimalist posters~ 

(here is a bit of reasoning for each choice)

hinata: he’s reckless and well, he lacks in the basic, fundamental volleyball skills- but his jumping skills are extraordinary, and therefore the wings

kageyama: king of the court, genius setter, why else the crown? :D

tsukishima: his name itself contains the word ‘moon’ in it, and just like the moon, his true skills arent seen until later in the manga (hell yea the recent few chapters ayy :D)

asashi: well he’s strong and powerful, and his name also can mean ‘mountain’

tanaka: idk seeing tanaka reminds me of a dragon, threatening when he wants to be hehehe (also his name can be defined as ‘dragon’)

nishinoya: GUARDIAN DEITY, holds the team up and protects it, therefore the shield 

yamaguchi: a dove? doesnt doves symbolise love? yes, but it can also symbolise loyalty and determination- just like yamaguchi. no matter how trashy tsukishima is, he’ll always support him, and to take up the ‘pinch server’ position takes courage too~

daichi: the captain of the team, the one that holds everything together and keeps the team in check- which can be shown through the anchor

sugawara: he’s like the heart of the team, the support and the one who drives the team on when things are tough. he knows what is best for the team, the general mood and atmosphere, and uses this knowledge to motivate them