asari huntress


You can fight like Yeager, fly like Ackerman but you’ll never be better than Commander Erwin

Mass Effect AU with Shepard!Erwin, the legendary commander and Jack!Levi, the psychotic biotic.
Krogan warrior Mike, Asari huntress Nana and Salarian scientist Hange are implied.

Day 076 - 

“ Biotics like this, thinking like an asari huntress - I never had a place. Best I could be was a useful freak. “
 - Cora Harper

I can’t wait to play Mass Effect Andromeda but sadly I’ll have to wait until next Thursday, because the game is released later here ;(
In the meantime I’ll try to get used to the new squad members, because with the exception of Vetra I don’t like them that much until now… But Cora’s hair is really cool, too bad it’s unique for her and not available in CC.

Feel free to send me requests! :)

  • Cora, moping in a corner: I have spent my entire life an outcast.... People fear me.... My biotics are Too Powerful........ Only with the Asari Huntresses I could feel I belonged.........
  • Joan Shepard, currently aged fifteen, drunk off of half a bottle of Smirnoff Ice and widely accepted as the second coolest teenager in rural Mindoir, making a heavy farming vehicle with all her friends inside levitate: who wants to see me blow something up with my brain