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You can fight like Yeager, fly like Ackerman but you’ll never be better than Commander Erwin

Mass Effect AU with Shepard!Erwin, the legendary commander and Jack!Levi, the psychotic biotic.
Krogan warrior Mike, Asari huntress Nana and Salarian scientist Hange are implied.

i know this isn’t the usual route w/ this but i’m p.sure that my ryder just thinks its the coolest thing that cora served in a commando unit and has no qualms about telling people this if he’s talking about her ‘do you know my girlfriend is an asari commando’ ‘do you know that she could flay a man with her biotics, (even if she wouldn’t…)’ ‘have you seen her biotic charge it’s fucking amazing.’ ‘yes that’s right she served alongside asari huntresses’ ‘yeah they’re only the best biotics in the milky way galaxy what does that tell you about cora’ ‘do you fathom how cool that is’ ‘BY THE WAY MY GF IS A COMMANDO AND-’

I can’t quite put my finger on it but Cora’s Asari commando/huntress thing is rubbing me the wrong way…

It feels weird to suddenly have a human talking about their Asari training when for the past 3 games we’ve been shown and told something else.

I guess its lore friendly since devs put it in, but I can’t shake the feeling that lore was somewhat bent and adjusted to bring that aspect in just to make her more interesting as a character.

We already had biotic prodigy which was Jack, and Kaidan was also suffering from his biotics, but they had plausible backstories. Cora’s just kind of seems a bit far fetched.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t dislike her character, and well talking about snowflakes - we have our protags -I dont think there is anyone more of a special snowflake than Bioware protags. I just find this part about Cora very… idk… unnecessary… for a lack of a better word…

Cora’s asari huntress thing is so incredibly off putting. I had blissfully forgotten but I decided to replay the game. 

I just noticed that ME:A retcons asari lore (specifically Huntress and Commando lore) just for Cora Harper so that her backstory will make sense.  I knew Cora is a huge asariweeb (it’s pretty much her entire character), but I’ve never known any kind of weeb to be so powerful they can retroactively alter a species’ culture just so they can fit in.

I see two explanations for this:

1. Cora’s writers set out to create her character with this retcon in mind;

2. Cora’s writers were rusty or altogether unknowledgeable about asari lore, and only realized their mistake until it was too late.  After it was decided it would be simpler to just pass their mistake off as a retcon than to rewrite lines and rerecord dialogue

leifal-secretly  asked:

I actually have a theory about the benefactor as well. My friend and I have been tossing this around. What if it's the Illusive Man? We know he has virtually endless amounts of money (ME2 Shepard budget) but there's more. This is where it gets a little crazy. His real name is Jack Harper. Sound familiar? Cora Harper. When talking to Cora you learn she doesn't know much about her father because he wasn't around and her reason for joining the initiative are strange. She was told to leave (1/2)

Without so much as an explanation. What if the Illusive Man is the benefactor and he funded the initiative and wants to save part of his name/legacy and sends Cora to the initiative. (This is the condensed version) but after running in to members of Cerberus in Andromeda I’m not ruling it out. (2/2)

Do you mean that Cora herself doesn’t know TIM is her father and he’s the reason the Asari huntresses sent her away? 

Behind the Title

All Calista Ryder could hear after she woke in SAM node after dying was why was the rookie chosen for Pathfinder? If Alec Ryder had to die why did he choose her? Why not Cora Harper his Asari huntress-trained second who had trained and planned to follow in his footsteps for years.  Now here Calista was standing in front of who was left of the Nexus and Initiative leadership and all she could hear was what remained unsaid. If a Ryder had to die on Habitat 7 it should have been Calista Ryder, the rookie, not Alec Ryder, the hero and Pathfinder.

Her rounds in Operations merely cemented that feeling with the Director of Operations, Addison, demanding to know what happened with Calista’s father. Calling him Alec and demanding to know why he chose his rookie daughter. Reaffirming the dangerous thoughts that tumbled in Ryder’s head that perhaps her survival had been a mistake. Her father had been the N7 hero and the trained Pathfinder.

The newest Pathfinder merely shoved those feelings down, locked the dark thoughts away, and threw herself into her new role. Eventually, the person Calista was faded and all there was to her was the role and title of the Pathfinder.  Even her crew, all whom she loved dearly, saw the Pathfinder first and Calista second.  Two things kept her from losing her identity completely, Scott and SAM.  One her twin, who was in a coma and unable to be her rock as he had so many times back in the Milky Way and the other the AI so deep in her head that sometimes Calista wasn’t sure where she ended and SAM began.

Then she came to Kadara and found the one person in all of Heleus who looked at her and saw Calista, not the Pathfinder. Reyes Vidal, a smuggler, and a shady bastard if ever there was one. The fact remained out of everyone and everything she had met and seen since coming to Andromeda and losing her father this shady bastard was the first to see the woman and not the title.

Calista no longer felt like dying, no longer felt like the wrong Ryder made it. Even after the reveal of his identity of being the Charlatan the woman was still attracted and in love with the man behind the title, just as the man was attracted and in love with the woman behind the title.

Looking into whiskey-colored eyes, held in strong arms, swaying to music that was over 600  years old, Calista started to believe that maybe, just maybe, the right Ryder had survived Habitat 7. Maybe, just maybe, with this man by her side, the man that saw the woman behind the title, she would not only survive this battle with the kett and whatever else Andromeda could throw at her but also thrive.

just a little drabble I made that was inspired by a post I saw on here that said something to the effect of Ryder feeling like s/he should have been the one to die, not Alec.