asari bartender

the signs as important mass effect characters
  • aries: the krogan on the citadel who gets really upset when shepard tells him there's no fish in the presidium
  • taurus: the lead elcor in elcor hamlet (questioning. to be or not to be.)
  • gemini: blasto
  • cancer: the mercenary renegade shep kicks out the window in thane's recruiment mission
  • leo: [inhale] "i am a biotic god! i think things [inhale] and they happen!"
  • virgo: admiral zaal'koris vas qwib-qwib
  • libra: harrot from harrot's emporium
  • scorpio: the guy who stands outside afterlife who says "let me in! arias expecting me! ugggGGGHHHH!"
  • sagittarius: conrad verner
  • capricorn: the badass asari matriarch bartender
  • aquarius: the guy on eden prime who only survived the geth attack because he was sleeping
  • pisces: jenkins

I meant to do this before the new year, but got severely, um, held up.

Note: I know I don’t actually follow some of these people on the list but I wanted to include them just because whenever I see these people show up on my dash–whether it be because they reblogged something of mine, or liked something of mine–it just puts a big smile on my face.

Thanks to all of my followers (and to all the people I follow) for being fabulous!

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